Professional Outdoor Photography Poses For Female

Professional Outdoor Photography Poses For Female


Getting some fantastic professional outdoor photography poses for females would be one of the dream photoshoots that photographers look for. Yes, as a professional photographer myself, I know how important it is to get the best frames with some great poses.

It made me hard to find the sweet spot for those perfect poses for models while shooting outdoors. I know shooting outdoor itself is a tough challenge. And on top of that, if you don’t have some good poses for your female model, you won’t be able to capture good photos.

So today, I will give you some groundbreaking ideas for the best poses for your female models. 


Sitting Poses For A Photoshoot For Female


It is one of the friendliest poses that a photographer can use on a female model on the first go. Imagine you are shooting with a female model for the first time. And it is tough to get perfect shots as both the model and the photographers barely know each other, let alone are comfortable.

So as a photographer, you can start with sitting poses to get some lovely photos at first. You can make sit your models on the floor or on any props that go with your theme. Talk to her and break the ice. Make her smile while doing the sitting pose.

You can shoot from eye level or any angle you want from a sitting pose, and your photo will look great as it will showcase confidence in it. Some of the most accessible and most popular sitting pose you can use are listed below:





The classy sofa pose

A sofa can be a handy prop for photographing in sitting poses. You can make your model sit differently on a couch and get some good photos. The sofa can provide an esthetic look into your frame if you use it properly. One thing you need to keep in your mind is that the model must sit forward, not lie down.






The Movement poses

Yes, you can do Movement poses while sitting. Movement poses offer energetic and unique photos; if you include them with sitting poses, it will become a lot more unique. Models can sit on a moving prop and do the poses. 





The chin in Hand poses

The chin in hand pose is famous, especially for female models. It shows the gorgeousness and legacy of your model. These types of poses are primarily used in fashion industry photos. It’s almost a go-to pose for professional fashion photographers.





Standing Poses For A Photoshoot Female

Now, if I talk about the standing pose, you can use several poses on your female model. Standing poses are all the most versatile poses that a photographer can use. Below I have listed some easy standing poses that can be used anytime you want.




The hands-on waist pose

Okay, if you are a photographic person, you must have seen this image where models rest their hands on their waist and pose while standing. You can call it the “Messi” of fashion photos. It can score high anywhere you use it. Some standing poses work outstanding such as:




Lean on something

While standing, you can tell your model to lean on something if possible. It makes your photo look confident as it eases your models. You can use props like designed walls where models can lean on.


The classic pose called S pose

As the name suggests, it is the classic pose, and it is the famous S pose. It makes your models look gorgeous and elegant. On the other hand, it makes your photos look jaw-dropping. In this pose, models stand and put their hands on their waist, which makes them look like an S.




Pull the dress

This pose expresses the cuteness of your model, and of course, it is also a standing pose. In this pose, models pull their dresses slightly like some princess while standing. 






Crossed legs pose

You can use this pose if you need to make your models look bold and elegant. It is an elegant and fashionable pose that any model can do easily. Fashion freaks also love this pose, which works great for the viewers.






Outdoor Photography Poses For Couples


Apart from a professional photographer, if you want to offer some varieties in your photography service, then wedding photography, AKA couple photography, can be a great choice. Every photography should have a story, such as in fashion photography. Sometimes you use themes to showcase that. 

Couple photography is not different from that either. If you want to achieve success in couple photography, then you need to be able to create a story with your photos. There are many outdoor photographies poses for couples that you can use. Some of them are given below:






Forehead Kiss

If you want to showcase a couple’s love, then the forehead kiss pose is one of the best you can go for. You can shoot from different angles, and your models can also bring variations by doing different things. 





Couples can hug, hold their hands, or even kiss the forehead. As a photographer, you can bring variations too in the forehead kiss pose. Post-processing is also essential in such photos.

Resting Head on Lap

As a photographer, I have already mentioned that when you shoot couples, you should have a story to showcase. Resting the head on the lap is a romantic pose for couples. If you are shooting couples, you must have this pose on your list.




You can theme it as a picnic in which your model can lay down on the partner’s lap, and you can shoot from an eye angle to capture the moment.

Cuddling With Great Background

There is a common problem that, as a photographer, you can face while shooting with a couple for the first time. Normal couples are shy at first, and it makes it tough to make the poses look comfortable.




Because of that issue, this pose can look challenging to get at first, so you can use some great background to get a reasonable frame. Models can look away while cuddling, and you can shoot from behind by keeping a great background.

The Lift

It is a great pose if you can capture it correctly. I am telling you that it is a movement pose where your models will move. If you don’t capture movement photos correctly, the image might become blurry.

The Lift


To avoid this, you need to shoot multiple shots at a time to get the photo at the right time. A continuous shot has another benefit: you can get candid but lovely moments while the couple lifts and poses.

Holding Hands

Holding hands of each other expresses love and bonding between the couple so that you can also include such a pose to your list. It is easy to create and helps make the couple more comfortable in front of the camera. You can use it at the beginning of your photoshoot. You can use any background you want in such a pose, but it is better to use textured background. If you can’t use a natural textured environment, you can make it possible post-processing. 




You can use the background removing technique in photoshop to change the location and add one according to your requirement.


Dancing is a form of expressing love between couples. Yes, not all couples know how to dance, but you can make them comfortable. Choose a more private place where people are less, and couples can feel the vibe. 



Turn on the music if possible and let the couple flow independently. You will get some magical photos for sure.

Best Poses For Photoshoot Female

I have already mentioned some great poses for females in the above segments, so I will talk about some poses that work great for me in this segment.




See the video: 

Posing Tips For Women

Look Over Shoulder

I use this pose very often on my female models. It helps me to show their confidence and superiority. Whether I shoot photos using any standing or sitting pose with models, the quality of images increases when I use the look over the shoulder.





Knees Up, Hands on Feet

If you are going to shoot a studio portrait photo for your female model, this pose should be on the must-have list. You will need a stool enough to fit your model, and then your model will uphold her knees and put their hand on her feet. It shows the innocence of your model and works excellently among viewers.



Hands in Hair

It is a great casual photography pose for female models. Though it’s a relaxed pose, it looks excellent on female models. If you are a beginner in fashion photography and want to know how to pose for female models, then this can be one pose you can try. It is easy to do and fits almost every body type.




Final Thoughts

Well, with that, I will wrap this article where I tried to describe some professional outdoor photography poses for females. I mentioned some bonus poses for my photographer brothers, which I and some professional photographers use.

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