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High-End Photo Retouching Service Tailored for You

Are you looking for the best online photo retouching service at an affordable price? Our professional retouching service can quickly transform poor photos into professional-looking ones.

Clipping Path Graphics is ready to take care of all your photo retouching needs to let you focus on expanding your business and leave the rest to us.

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By becoming our client, you’re availing of free digital photo enhancement services to assess our work. See if our free trial meets your requirements, and then place the order. We’re always available to provide a top-notch service meeting your needs.

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What Our Clients Have to Say About Us

At Clipping Path Graphics, we take feedback very seriously and constantly work on areas to improve. See what our clients have said about our service.


“I had around 1,000 photos for my eCommerce site. As I was looking for the best retouching service provider, I stumbled upon Clipping Path Graphics. They offered me the best price and a reasonable deadline. I didn’t find any single issue with the project. Wishing them all the best in their future endeavors!”

Devin J Dupuy

“Photo retouching is tricky and requires an extensive amount of work. I tried to fix some of my wedding photos and had to quit. The designers at Clipping Path Graphics promised me the best wedding photo retouching service, and they kept their words. Really happy with their service!”

Craig T Sigala

“I run an online fashion store, and I needed fashion photo retouching services for my website. I tried Clipping Path Graphics’ service for the first time and was impressed with their professionalism. I gave them a tight deadline, but they delivered the photos on time, maintaining quality. I highly recommend their service!”

Clifton M Miller

Why You Should Get Our Service

Here at Clipping Path Graphics, we provide professional and high-quality service at a moderate cost to meet the needs of our clients. We are proud of our professionalism and commitment that helped to build our reputation.

Our service is equipped with:

iconHigh-Quality Service and On-time Delivery

Our team of professional and expert designers is always at your service. They are passionate about their work and highly experienced. Although we only follow the manual editing process, Clipping Path Graphics can offer you the fastest service maintaining tight deadlines.

iconNo Automated Tool

Here at Clipping Path Graphics, we don’t use any automated tools for photo retouching. We rely on our expert designers and their experiences. Automated tools will surely provide you faster service, but manual editing is the best option for maintaining maximum quality. Our designers spend hours studying the pictures and make tailored decisions to make your images better.

iconRealistic Natural Shadow

Adding shadow to a picture requires the understanding of light and measurement of the shadow. These are some of the characteristics that are secured by a professional. We provide the most natural shadow service, which helps your brand attract more attention.

iconHighly Skilled and Experienced Designers

Clipping Path Graphics is equipped with a dedicated and passionate team of experienced designers. We value our employees and believe that they keep our company running. Our people love what they do, and they do it with care and love.

iconExact Pen Tool Pointing

In photo editing, the pen tool is the most powerful Photoshop tool. However, using this tool appropriately requires a high level of knowledge and skill. To isolate the object from the image, our skilled editors employ the accurate pen tool pointing method. The object you're preserving retains its clarity and quality while using this method

iconSharp Corner Edges with Hard Corner Cut Out

Only fixing the color and contrast isn't enough for a successful photo retouching. You must pay attention to every aspect of the image, including the edges. On a different background, if the corners aren't sharp enough, they won't look realistic. You must take care of the curves and hard corners, just as you must care for the sharp edges. It will aid in blending the photo with the new background. Product photo quality for eCommerce or any other business is heavily reliant on appropriate curvature. At Clipping Path Graphics, we care for our customers, and we act through our professional retouching service.

How We Work?

Clipping Path Graphics believes in clarity and authentic service more than anything. For that reason, we share our work process with our clients to rely on our service.

  • iconFirst, the assigned graphics designer isolates the object from the picture and makes it transferrable to a different background.
  • iconThen, the blurriness is fixed after adjusting the color and contrast.
  • iconWe use Clone Stamp Tool at this point to fix any torn portion, dust, or scratches.
  • iconAfter that, we use the Healing Brush Tool for increasing smoothness and fixing any color defect.
  • iconIf needed, to fix the loss of quality due to editing, our expert designers will make further resizing and retouches to the image.

Our Special Features

At Clipping Path Graphics, we go beyond our service to offer the most cost-effective and professional photo touch-up service. Our adjustments include:

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  • iconClipping Path Service
  • iconProduct Shadow Service
  • iconColor Correction and Modification
  • iconRealistic and Natural Shadow
  • iconDrop Shadow
  • iconReflection Shadow
  • iconSmooth Anchoring
  • iconGhost Mannequin

We Offer More Than Just Photo Retouching

We offer the most cost-effective and professional photo retouching services catering to your needs!!

  • iconBeauty Retouching Services
  • iconFace Retouching and Skin Retouching
  • iconPhoto Retouching Service for Amateur Photographers
  • iconClipping Path Image Editing Service for Amazon
  • iconVector Tracing
  • iconJewelry Photo Retouching Services
  • iconProduct Photo Retouching Services
  • iconHeadshot Retouching Services
  • iconPhoto Adjustments and Editing
  • iconOnline Retailers’ Clipping Path Service
  • iconReal Estate Photo Retouching Service
  • iconMultiple Clipping Path Service
  • iconSports Photo Retouching
  • iconProfessional Wedding Portrait Photo Retouching
  • iconEcommerce Photo Retouching

Our Pricing

Our creative retouching service comes with the best deals within an affordable price. See our pricing to place an order!

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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Clipping Path Graphics ensures professional and top-notch Photo Retouching Service catering to our clients' needs. We take pride in our professionalism and utmost dedication.


We can deliver around 4,000 photos in general under our high-end photo retouching services. But, depending on the images and their quality, the amount may vary.

Not at all! We use a high-quality pen for editing photos manually. Our team of photo editing specialists works tirelessly to make this happen with Photoshop retouching.

Yes, you can avail of a free service as a free trial.

We provide 100% assurance on data security. Your information and pictures will be stored on our highly-secured private network, where we never allow access to anyone else.

We’re ready to make as many edits as you need to ensure you’re satisfied with the work.