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Ghost mannequin service


Fashion and Garment Products are must need this service and we are here to support you.

To make your online showcase more perfect cut-out image and sizing, we are here.

We provide-

  1. Ghost Mannequin: Neck Joint with Dummy remove.
  2. Actual neck part joint with a professional look.
  3. 100% quality service and satisfaction delivery.

We give you the best quality T-Shirt Ghost Mannequin service for your eCommerce product.


Model Ghost mannequin Before- Clipping Path Graphics

What is Ghost Mannequin Photo Editing Services?

An apparition mannequin impact is probably the best technique for introducing attire in indexes, sites, and advertising materials. The impact consolidates different pictures of a bit of attire laying on a mannequin while evacuating the genuine mannequin itself. Thus, The final product is a picture that permits the crowd to perceive how the clothing really fits on a real existence like figure.

Using the imperceptible mannequin impact, we can move the concentrate away from the mannequin and spot it exclusively on the item. Simultaneously, this disposes of the need to employ a model to wear the thing – successfully reducing working expenses. The final product is that clients looking for items online increase a reasonable feeling of how the dress fits and lays on an individual.

  • Exact Neck Part Joint
  • Smooth Anchor Pointing
  • Sharp Corner edge
  • Best Cut out and perfect joint
  • Super Fast and best Quality
  • Curves and hard corner cut out
  • No Automated tool using
  • Professional and skilled designer
Dress Ghost Mannequin-Clipping Path Graphics
Ghost-mannequin-for-Pant-Clipping Path Graphics
T-Shirt Ghost mannequin- Clipping Path Graphics

Base Joint Ghost Mannequin Effect

This impact evacuates the lower half of the mannequin with the goal. That clients can show signs of improvement sense for what the base of the article of clothing resembles – liberated from interruptions. This impact is exceptionally helpful for showing dresses, sweatshirts, and so forth.

Apparition mannequin — or undetectable mannequin photography — is generally utilized by brands and retailers to give their items a 3D, empty man impact. Undetectable mannequin photography is especially valuable for things like coats, pants, coats, and shirts to help clients all the more effectively envision themselves wearing the pieces of clothing.


With the assistance of apparition mannequin photography.  You can without much of a stretch exhibit the one of a kind highlights of your pieces of clothing, the apparel style, and the nature of the material. In any case, despite the fact that this may appear to be a simple activity in your eyes. It is really an if you need Ghost mannequin services intensely specialized procedure and it needs some information and experience utilizing Photoshop.

In the online style industry, the rivalry between retailers is high. Because of the quick development of this industry. Hence, everybody attempts to show signs of improvement, to draw nearer to their clients. And to have superior information on their clients’ needs. In this way, something that you can do to enable your clients to show signs of improvement in the shopping experience is utilizing apparition mannequin photography. This pulls in more clients to your online store and causes you to create more deals from bringing shoppers back.

Since we as a whole realize that even the littlest detail can have the greatest effect. We have to recognize the signs of readiness during the time spent phantom mannequin photography. This is a stage that can assist you in making the ideal faultless picture of your article of clothing.

That is the reason we concentrated on offering you one choice. Yet a few phantom mannequins with different highlights set so you can get the correct one for your financial limit and needs.

Neck Joint service-Clipping Path Graphics


The utilization of a mannequin itself is to make recognition among customers, and the foundation evacuation and altering method take it to the following level. Customers can envision themselves wearing an outfit – which is extremely valuable particularly in the event that you are selling your items through a web store. Phantom mannequin alters could end up being the X-factor that adds to the deal.

To add an imperceptible mannequin impact to an attire photograph, you will initially require a picture of apparel or something different with a mannequin and one without it. So the name inside remains unmistakable. A cut-out way specialist co-op can composite the two photographs together at the neck utilizing the profound carving instrument. This will give a yield that looks just as a mannequin is wearing the attire, in spite of the fact that it is seen by clients. That is the reason it is called imperceptible or phantom mannequin administration.

Some undetectable mannequins are not constantly altered at the neck joint. Caps, jeans, and watches, for example, can likewise be modified to include normal surface and volume. Undetectable mannequin photographs of embellishments and attire look increasingly exact just as regular, permitting buyers to see the wearing part.

Once more, there can be examples when you would need to procure an expert model if an item totally requires that. On the off chance that a model has notoriety, the individual in question.

Best Ghost mannequin services



Neck Joint: Ghost Mannequin Effect Brief:

Is it accurate to say that you are selling tank tops or low profile shirts? The neck joint undetectable mannequin impact consolidates various pictures of an article of clothing to expel the presence of the mannequin showing it. This impact centers on expelling any interruptions from the shoulder/neck district to completely show the article of clothing.

It’s the most demanding and folksy portion of an editing service company. Every e-commerce businessman, e-commerce retailer feels the necessity of having it. Because when the photographer shoots the photo is really difficult to click with the perfect angel, perfect white background, and best ghost mannequin services provider capture the dress only. They capture the photo with the mannequin. Uploading a photo with a mannequin may harm or decrease your website’s value. So, here we cut the background along with the mannequin and it looks like a ghost then. And that’s why it’s called a ghost mannequin.

Why it’s so claiming service for the present time :

Advertising your product by the live model is completely wasting time for e-commerce retailers, e-commerce businesses.it costs a lot. Your business profit will be narrowed down if you cost too much money upon your model. And at that time where we have alternative way doing it with less money. So it’s becoming the most demanding part of editing service. Ecommerce stores, professional clothing photography, fashion photography and the readymade company had a strong need for the service to catch their target customers around the world.

How much helpful mannequin service is:

Mannequins allow the products to retain their shape which can improve the professionals and consistent appearance of product images, thereby increasing consumer demand. It makes images more realistic and we easily can see the dress or product from the different angles of the product. So it seems really adjuvant for e-commerce businessmen.

When we need to use ghost mannequin:
  • For showing the internal part of the vesture as well as brand and label we need mannequin.

  • When we wanna disclose our product with the back part and front part and with the 360-degree view we really feel the need for this service.


Various Types of Ghost Mannequin Photo Editing Services

Various kinds of items and articles of clothing each have their own extraordinary prerequisites to make the item sparkle. Seaward Clipping Path offers an assortment of administrations to suit their customers’ needs. They are as per the following:

360-Degree Mannequin Effect

This impact makes the presence of an item that Ghost mannequin plays out a full turn with the goal that clients can see the attire from each point. The 360-degree see guarantees clients that they see a reasonable delineation of the attack of the article of clothing.

Sleeves Mannequin Effect

This impact uncovered the internal part of the sleeves by expelling the mannequin’s palms/hands. Evacuating the mannequin guarantees that the sole spotlight is put totally on the item itself and not on the mannequin.

Estimation of Photoshop Ghost mannequin administration

With the progression of time, the estimation of Photoshop mannequin administration is in fact expanding. This is profound because of the cost adequacy and the effectiveness which the use of mannequins achieves for your item pictures. The principle factor that adds estimation of photograph shop to apparition mannequin administration is that it is a gainful method to advance your items.

Apparition mannequin administrations are otherwise called undetectable mannequin or neck joint administrations. This is on the grounds that in conveying these administrations, plastic mannequins or models are utilized rather than human figures to make 2D or 3D state of an article of clothing things. Different sorts of jeans, coats, bathing suits, and shirts are worn by the mannequins utilizing Photoshop and subsequently, the estimation of Photoshop apparition mannequin administration is for sure incredible.

Ghost mannequin services
Ghost mannequin provider


The easiest way of doing ghost mannequin or how our retouches does ghost mannequin: 

1.The first thing that our designer does is cutting the mannequin out as well as the background from the product by using a pen tool.

2.Then they start from the above of the collar where the mannequin’s necks begin and end to the below till the mannequin’s neckline.

3.By following the same procedure they complete the full item .then they choose both inverse selection and delete the background.

4.the next step is to open the inner side of the product to crop the area and they join it to the front part of the first image.

5.To soften the uncut area they choose the eraser tool and sometimes they add some shadow for making a realistic look. Then we add a white background for having a more appealing look.


Is it obligatory to cut the mannequin from the product?

Yes, it’s obvious .because no retailer or businessman wouldn’t like to disclose their photo without teeming or without preparation. And clients also don’t allow this, It seems difficult to see each and every part of the photo when wearing a mannequin. It seems intertwined before cutting the mannequin away from the vesture.

Before uploading the photo we need to remove the mannequin anyway if it clicked with the mannequin so it’s obligatory.

Is it the right decision to do a ghost mannequin on your own if you are a photographer :

It will be a wrong decision if you wanna do it on your own. It will be simply wasting your time. A mannequin service provider is not that easy like a  clipping path.it takes time to do a ghost mannequin. So you can’t focus on your other work if you concentrate on editing.


Who needs mannequin service most :
  1. Online clothing store 
  2. Fashion house 
  3. eCommerce sites 
  4. Garments 
  5. Fashion photographers
  6. Newspaper
  7. Printing press


We offer clipping path graphics for ghost mannequin at a reasonable price :

The pricing depends upon the quality of your work. if it seems time-consuming and hard to do then the price will be high but it seems not that hard then we will do it with a negotiable price. We don’t want to make any of our customers. so pricing wouldn’t be a problem with our company if you really like our editing.


So are you ready to contact us with your present project of ghost mannequin ?