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Clipping Path Graphics believes in growth and success more than anything. We do it with our team of 100 competent designers who are skilled and professional. We take our time with our projects and don't rush through the editing.


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Best Security

You are quite secure here. We maintain top-class NDA.


Top Quality Ensure

We ensure your quality by passing 3 steps QC Process.


Turnaround Time

Our express turnaround time is 6 to 12 hours.

Clipping Path Graphics – Roadmap

Transparency and clarity are the most valued factors in any service. This is why we share our project plan with our clients after we develop a tailored plan catered to their needs. But the strategy that we follow is quite simple but elegant!

Road Map

File Collection

At first, we collect the raw photos from our clients. You can send your images through FTP, WeTransfer, Google Drive, Dropbox, or other file-sharing platforms. If you send images through WhatsApp or such platforms, your photos will lose quality upon sending, and we'll not receive the original pictures. Hence, you have to send us the images through file-sharing platforms only.

Designer's Den

After receiving the pictures from you, we forward them to our designers with your notes and instructions. They'll do whatever it takes to make the photos how you want, and they won't stop until the project is done!

Quality Check

After the designers finish editing the photos, we perform a quality check before sending them to you. We always make sure that the results meet your requirements. Although we provide unlimited revision opportunities to our clients, very few clients have felt the need to avail that due to our quality-assured service.


The photos will be delivered to you through the same file-sharing platform when we're done with quality-checking. We provide a 100% data security protocol to ensure that your photos and data are safe with us!

Our Services

From simple color correction to photo editing for e-commerce, Clipping Path Graphics offers everything in a single platform.

Clipping Path

Make your photos more realistic with our smooth anchor and exact pen tool pointing!

Image Masking

High-quality image masking with transparent background!

Ghost Mannequin

Next-gen fashion trends at your doorstep, by our designers!

Shadow and Reflection

Give your photos a realistic touch with our professional shadow and reflection service!

Our services also include-

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    Photo Color CorrectionPhoto Color Correction
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    Photo RetouchingPhoto Retouching
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    Background RemovalBackground Removal
  • icon
    Drop ShadowDrop Shadow
  • icon
    Amazon Photo EditingAmazon Photo Editing
  • icon
    Jewelry Photo EditingJewelry Photo Editing
  • icon
    Real Estate Photo EditingReal Estate Photo Editing
  • icon
    Vector TracingVector Tracing
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    Photo Cropping and ResizingPhoto Cropping and Resizing
  • icon
    Car Image EditingCar Image Editing
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    Ecommerce Product Photo EditingEcommerce Product Photo Editing

What Our Clients Have to Say About Us

I found the ideal Retreat

CPG is an excellent photo editing company for the prompt delivery! I've been taking their service for a long time, and they've never given any chance to complain."

Paul McKinney
Amazing Platform

For my e-commerce site, Clipping Path Graphics is always the go-to image editing company for me. They make my photos better, and they always deliver on time."

Summer C. Crawford
As an older customer

I needed to add product shadow and reflection on my photos for an Amazon affiliate site. As I didn't have much budget for this, I was a bit skeptical. But, clipping path graphics provided me the best deals I with high-quality service."

Wayne G. Stewart

Why Choose Us?

Clipping Path Graphics ensures professional and top-notch photo editing service catering to our clients' needs. We take pride in our professionalism and utmost dedication.

Marketing is all about what meets the eye. If the content you publish can't catch the audience's eyes, it's not a success. With our professional image background removal service, your content will catch people's eyes more than ever, ensuring maximum value to your brand!

We deliver 100% quality-tested content to you after a thorough examination. Our 3-step quality control operation system ensures top-notch content. We provide more than what you need, with love!

We take deadlines seriously, more than anyone! Our expert designers will move mountains to deliver your work, maintaining a quick turnaround time, meeting quality. If you need to place a next-day delivery, Clipping Path Graphics is your go-to photo editing service.

Clipping Path Graphics isn't about making a profit only. We value gratitude and respect more than money, and we earn it through our professionalism and dedication. So, the deals we can offer you are indeed the best in the market.

Efficiency comes with passion and experience. Our expert graphic designers have been working in this sector for a long time. Coupled with passion and dedication, their expertise can provide you the most effective service you can imagine.

We ensure clarity and transparency in every aspect of our service. There's no hidden charge or clause other than what we mention initially. We're true to our words, and we try our best to meet your requirements.

We take pride in not only our photo editing but also in our research. We'll study your competitors and will ensure that your content can compete with theirs. Business isn't only about survival. And it's a competition. To have the edge over your competitors, we're always battle-ready for you!

We treat our clients' privacy and data as sacred scriptures. They're never to be meddled with or taken lightly. We provide 100% security assurance on your data that they'll never get leaked or reused anywhere else. We will store your data on our private network, which is highly secured.

Size might matter to a lot of people, but not to us! We're always ready to take your order, no matter the orders' volume or size. Also, we offer the best discounts on bulk orders that'll surely make you happy.

Here's something to add a little weight to our assurance. After we provide you the edited content, you can have us revising it as long as you have 100% satisfaction. We're not just another average photo-editing firm. We value client satisfaction more than anything!

Our flexible and professional support team is always available to reply to your queries. They're well-behaved and dedicated to client satisfaction. You can reach out to us through emails, live chat, phone calls, and contact forms.


When it comes to art, people rely on artists more than on automated tools. Professional photo editing is nothing less than a digital art, and our designers are the artists. From just fixing the color contrast to ghost mannequin,we can do everything for you in an affordable price, with love!


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