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How it Work

Our Strategy and Project plan

We always allow our prospects with all the freedom to put their own ideas and creative thinking to the specific work orders and make them wise by getting them space by selecting samples. Let's check our working process.

how it work
Step 01:

Free trial and Quote

We simply put our efforts to make you satisfied. We are not ending here with some sort of samples but more wonders are awaiting for you to make you impressed! Our professional hands can draw your imagination with a bit of help by your instructions. Put your dream into our hand and the rest of the part goes to our designers. Free trial is not only an option but also can keep your faith and trust to place you in a comfort zone.

Step 02:

Pricing and Upload

Price could be negotiated depending on your need and expectations and never settled without knowing your need. We help you to catch a friendly price point. After we make a fair deal, we go ahead to upload. We use FTP, Server, Wetransfer, Dropbox, and google drive for files sharing.

Let us know what suits you then we proceed. Confirm your payment gateway and we sort out the most convenient for both of us.

Step 03:

Work Note & Instructions

A habit of us to always get you in the right direction. We want you to click on our free trial button and place your photos along with all the instructions. filling out our form is important so we keep our eye to know who we are going to start with as we want to meet all your needs.

Step 04:

Work Done & Download Files

Download your professionally edited images.

Once your photos are ready, we’ll email you a link to download or you can login your dashboard see your files, all ready to go.


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Clipping Path Graphics is one of the trusted Clipping Path Service Provider in 2022. We have the experience of working in this field. Almost 5 years and working with hundred clients from all over the world.

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