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Clipping Path Service:

Make Your Images More Realistic

To remove a background from any picture, you must carefully draw the clipping path around the object you want to keep. This is where Clipping Path Graphics can help with its team of expert designers who are passionate and professional in what they do. We’re a clipping path service provider offering the best services at the best prices!

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By becoming our client, you’re availing of free clipping path service to assess our work. See if our free trial meets your requirements, and then place the order. We’re always available to provide a top-notch service meeting your needs.

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What Our Clients Have to Say About Us

I found the ideal Retreat

CPG is an excellent photo editing company for the prompt delivery! I've been taking their service for a long time, and they've never given any chance to complain."

Lena D Barnwell
Amazing Platform

For my e-commerce site, Clipping Path Graphics is always the go-to image editing company for me. They make my photos better, and they always deliver on time."

Deana D Baker
As an older customer

I needed to add product shadow and reflection on my photos for an Amazon affiliate site. As I didn't have much budget for this, I was a bit skeptical. But, clipping path graphics provided me the best deals I with high-quality service."

Richard M Cox

Why You Should Get Our Service

Clipping Path Graphics ensures professional and top-notch service at low price catering to our clients’ needs. We take pride in our professionalism and utmost dedication.

Our best clipping path service is equipped with:

iconPhoto Color Correction

The pen tool is the most powerful in photo editing. But, it requires extreme expertise to use this tool correctly. Our efficient editors use the exact pen tool pointing method to isolate the object from the picture. In this method, the object you’re keeping doesn’t lose much clarity or quality.

iconSmooth Anchor Pointing

With a smooth anchor tool, we can connect the curve segments where it flows smoothly. In short, with smooth anchor pointing, we make the corner points smoother. It’s essential to make your image more aesthetic but realistic.

iconSharp Corner Edges

For a successful clipping path, only isolating the object isn’t enough. You have to take care of every bit of the image, and that includes the edges. If the corner edges aren’t sharp enough, they won’t look realistic on a different background.

iconBest Cut Out Experience

The object that you need isolated needs to be cut out with care and efficiency. A lot of the agencies use automated tools cut out. It might be faster, but won’t provide you with a quality cut out experience. At Clipping Path Graphics, we offer our clients the best cut out experience with manual pen tool clipping.

iconCurves and Hard Corner Cut Out

Like the need for sharp edges, you have to take care of the curves and hard corners. It’ll help to make the photo nicely blend with the new background. For eCommerce or any other business, product photo quality largely depends on proper curving.

iconManual Clipping Process

As already mentioned, Clipping Path Graphics doesn’t use any automated tools for creating image clipping path. We’re the best Photoshop clipping path service provider that relies on human touch than any software. Our designers spend hours to make your images better, with love! They study the pictures first and make wise decisions based on the requirements.

iconFast Delivery and High Quality

Quality work takes time. Automated tools might save you from running late, but the quality won’t be consistent. Still, our team of expert designers is always ready to deliver you top-notch and fast service. If you need something delivered urgently, we can get on that without compromising the quality.

iconImage Masking in Extreme Cases

In some cases, we use image masking instead of clipping path. If the curves and edges of an object in a picture are too scattered, then it’s not wise to use image cut-out. Instead, we use the image masking method for removing the background.

iconTeam of Professional and Expert Designers

Our designers are the heart of this company. They love what they do, and they do it ensuring quality. Passion, dedication, and professionalism – all three combined have made our team efficient that can meet your needs of complex clipping path in no time!

How We Work

To ensure you that we follow the most professional, efficient process for offering you the best quality clipping path with transparent background, we’re describing how we do it. We use a pen tool to clip the paths in any picture.

  • iconFirst, the assigned graphics designer draws a line around the product.
  • iconThen, the inner portion is marked, which will stay, and the outer portion will be removed.
  • iconAfter removing the outer part, the inner portion is now ready to be used on any background.
  • iconTo fix the loss of quality due to editing, our expert designer will make the necessary resizing and retouches to the image.

Our Special Features

Our skilled designers will do what it takes to offer you the most professional service maintaining quality. Our adjustments include:

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  • iconProduct Shadow Service
  • iconColor Correction and Modification
  • iconRealistic and Natural Shadow
  • iconDrop Shadow
  • iconReflection Shadow
  • iconManual Clipping

We Offer More Than Just Clipping Path

We offer the most cost-effective and custom clipping path catering to your needs!

  • iconClipping Path Image Editing Service for Amazon
  • iconVector Tracing
  • iconImage Cutout Service
  • iconJewelry Clipping Path
  • iconPhoto Adjustments and Editing
  • iconOnline Retailers’ Clipping Path
  • iconClosed Vector Path and Shape Editing
  • iconBulk Image Clipping Service
  • iconRemoving Specific Item from Background
  • iconProduct Clipping Path
  • iconBackground Editing for Ecommerce and Fashion Industry

Our Pricing

Our service comes with the best deals within an affordable clipping path price. See our pricing to place an order!

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Per Image

BASIC : Starting at 49¢ per image

It’s the easiest and cheapest part of clipping. These types of photos having no tough edges and curves. It’s so simple like a mobile phone, books, laptop screen, etc. It’s very easy to Draw the path around the object because of having fewer edges and curves.

SIMPLE : Starting at 49¢ per image

It’s also the easiest one to do. But it has some edges and some curves. Here we also use the same tool but we touch the photo more cautiously for controlling the curves and edges over there.

MEDIUM : Starting at 49¢ per image

It’s a little bit tricky here to do. Here we got too many edges, zigzag curves, and many other holes in it. We can complete this using the pen tool .we need full of attention when doing it.

COMPLEX : Starting at 49¢ per image

A complex clipping path is applied to an object with very complicated edges, multiple holes, and possibly multiple objects and varying levels of transparency .anything with the fur of hair would require a complex clipping path. It’s too much time-consuming.

MULTIFARIOUS : Starting at 49¢ per image

We using this word because when you need to clipping path inside the product on a little portion. Maybe you just want to change the color or anything on that little portion than we do this multifarious clipping path.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Clipping Path Graphics ensures professional and top-notch Clipping Path Service catering to our clients' needs. We take pride in our professionalism and utmost dedication.


Not at all! We use a high-quality pen tool manual clipping path process to remove backgrounds manually. Our team of clipping path specialists works tirelessly to make this happen.

Yes, you can avail of a free photo clipping service as a free trial.

We provide 100% assurance on data security. Your information and pictures will be stored on our highly-secured private network, where we never allow access to anyone else.

We’re ready to make as many edits as you need to ensure you’re satisfied with the work.