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How To Add A Drop Shadow To Text In Photoshop?

Add drop shadow in text

Drop shadow is often known as box-shadow. Most of the time, the background is deleted, while it is mainly modified or substituted. Drop shadow is usually found in advertising images, web pages, or catalog photographs.

In photoshop, we can add a drop shadow to text very quickly, but first, we must have an idea of how to add a drop shadow in photoshop. The following ways can do it.

  • Position your graphics on the canvas correctly.
  • Right-click on the layer for other effects.
  • Then, select the drop shadow from the pop-up menu.
  • Make proper adjustments to various attributes like distance, size, opacity, spread, etc. you can easily adjust these attributes using the sliders.
  • Fix the angle of the shadow carefully. You can do this quite easily by using the clock face style tool used for its adjustment.
  • To apply this angle to all the drop shadows, check out the Global Lightbox. Doing this will give a consistent look to your project.
  • Suppose you want to do experiments with noise and contour effects, head over to the quality section of the pop-up window. There are too many things to explore.

How to add a drop shadow to text in illustrator?

Most of the projects regarding logo designing, technical illustrations, simple infographics, etc., require text elements. And when the text elements are added, it needs to be styled. Stylization can only be done using the drop shadow behind it. From these instructions, you might have got an idea about the importance of a drop shadow to text.

You can easily add a drop shadow in the illustrator by using the illustrator’s live effects tool. Using it, you can non-destructively add a shadow and refine it any time during your project. And you’ll also be able to edit the text yourself.



Following are some of the refined and straightforward ways through which you can add a drop shadow to text in the illustrator.

  • Active selection tool
  • Choose the drop shadow effect tool
  • Select the right mode
  • Set the opacity
  • Adjust shadow offsets
  • Balance the blur
  • Pick any color
  • Match the shadow color to the type of color

How to add a drop shadow to your images in photoshop:

If you want to improve the credibility of your product images or want them to look more natural, using drop shadow is the best way. Drop shadow adds depth to your product images and makes them up to the mark.

It’s mainly used when you take photos of your products in a studio where it is difficult to make the perfect shadow. And it becomes even more difficult when you aren’t a professional photographer.

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Following is the complete process of adding the shadow to your images in photoshop.

  • Open a high-resolution image from your PC in photoshop.
  • Create the layers from the layer panel.
  • Create a path and remove the background.
  • Duplicate the layer and make sure to organize the layers.
  • Select the shadow layer and then use either Ctrl + T or Command + T.
  • Lock your layers.
  • Create a gradient.
  • Apply the gradient.
  • Unlock the layers.
  • Use the blend mode.
  • Click the filter option.
  • Do some more transformation.
  • Give your design the final touches, and your plan or image is ready to rock and roll.

How to edit drop shadows in photoshop?

Following is the complete procedure through which you can edit drop shadows in photoshop.

  • First, open the layers panel and double-click on the effect name.
  • To adjust the mixing of colors of your shadow and the elements, change the blend mode. In some cases, the default mode can also work best.
  • To make the shadows appear transparent, change or adjust the opacity settings.
  • Select the shadow color with the help of the color picker. You can find it in the blend mode settings.
  • Set your light source at a suitable angle to create the best shot.
  • Make sure that all the highlights and the shadows of all the elements are consistent. You can easily do this by using the global light option.
  • Adjust the distance settings.
  • Specify the boundary, size, and intensity of the shadow. Also, adjust the size, choke, and spread settings.
  • You can use the layer knocks out feature if you are working on a transparent object.
  • After doing all these settings, click ok, and your design is ready.



How to add shadow to text in procreating:

Procreate is considered one of the best ways to add shadow to text. Also, it is quick and straightforward, which is preferred. Following are some of the techniques through which you can add shadow to text in procreate.

  • By using the blurred shadow technique
  • The drop shadow technique
  • Using the in-text shadow technique

You can do your research if you want to have in-depth knowledge about any of these techniques.


How to add a drop shadow in photoshop:

Adding a drop shadow in photoshop isn’t that much difficult if you follow the right pathway. Following is the best procedure to add a drop shadow in photoshop.

  • Use the right drop shadow layer style.
  • Transformation tools.
  • Use the gradient tool.
  • Wisely use the blur tool. Use it only where it is needed.
  • Layer masks.
  • The Alpha channel to determine the transparency settings.


You can also add these effects for eCommerce usage like the products & Automotive images. Let’s cHECK OUT > AUtomotive image enhancement with shadow effect.

3D text shadow in photoshop:

3D text shadow in photoshop can easily be used in any project when adopted the right path. Following is the best way to do so.

  • Select the layer containing the text from the layers panel.
  • Add the drop shadow to which you want to add.
  • Select the layer style button. You can easily choose this from the layers panel.
  • In the end, use the drop shadow from the drop-down menu.



How to add shadow to text in photoshop elements:

You can add shadow to text in photoshop elements using the following procedure.

  • Use the expert mode and select your desired layer for the image. You can choose it from the layers panel.
  • Choose the right effect for further propagation.
  • Then, select the effects tab from the top of the panel.
  • Choose your required category from the list and apply it.
  • Apply all these settings, and your design is ready to go.





Here is the complete guideline for you if you want to know how to add a drop shadow in photoshop and learn about a few basic settings regarding illustrator and procreate.

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