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How to Make a Fire Effect in Photoshop

Fire effect in Photoshop

Do you have any idea regarding fire effect in Photoshop? By using Adobe Photoshop premier pro easily you can add any fire effect to any text or images. So guys if you want to add a touch of fire into your text Photoshop is a great space to go. In this article we will tell you the step by step guide on how to make fire effect in Photoshop.


Let me describe you the steps:

  • Open Adobe Photoshop:

At first set the background color to black and foreground color to orange.


Fire effect in Photoshop


  • Create a new document

Set it whatever size as you wish and in the background contents select color and then click ok.


Fire effect in Photoshop

  • Render cloud:

From the filter menu select -> Render -> clouds


Fire effect in Photoshop


  • It’s time to save your fire

Now the filter will render Gaussian cloud by the help of foreground and background color. Different color will create an interesting effect.


Fire effect in Photoshop


  • Now create a document with text layer

For an instance, use a normal background which contains the word “FIRE”. IF you have found that you have an existing document, keep an original backup copy.


Fire effect in Photoshop


  • It’s time to duplicate the text

Now drag the original text layer into a new layer. Drag it into the bottom of the layer window.


Fire effect in Photoshop


  • You need to add the outer glow

So you need to click the Fx menu at the bottom of the layers menu then select the outer glow. You need to change the glow color from yellow to white. Opacity =100% is ok.



  • Apply Gaussian Blur

Select Filter-> Blur-> Gaussian Blur



Now Photoshop will give you a warning message that the user will not be able to edit the real text if you processed. Ok the blur so that it looks like this shape.


  • Smudge tool

Now click on the smudge tool which is below the gradient tool. Click on the brush setting at the top of the Window. With this settings you are going to draw the fire image.



  • Create the flames

Here the short, quick strokes will give you the appropriate result. Suppose you are using a brush then vary the thickness by pressure. When done duplicate the smudged layer.


  • Now you need to apply the radial blur

From the filter menu select blur then select radial blur.


Fire effect in Photoshop


  • Make your image gray scale:

From the image menu select mode then select grayscale.


Fire effect in Photoshop


  • Then Convert it to Indexed color

From the image menu you need to select the mode and then select the indexed color. You can choose your favorite color from the color table.


Fire effect in Photoshop


From the menu at the top of the color table window you can select the black body.

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Now a big congratulation for you

Yes! You have done it. Enjoy the fire effect. I think this article will help you a lot on this topic how to make fire effect in Photoshop. Be with us & have a great time!



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