How to Use Ghost Mannequin Photography Effects?

How to Use Ghost Mannequin Photography Effects?

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Online sales are ruling the market these days. It takes strong effort and creative ways of marketing goods effectively on the internet. When selling their goods to buyers, sellers should be innovative. There is a trend that is becoming pretty popular is ghost mannequin photography. Ghost mannequins are particularly important for items such as garments because these kinds of goods are excessively available online.

Using mannequins is one smart way to showcase your goods. And, when it comes to eCommerce store, there are ghost mannequins. Well, the use of technology is the best thing with online shopping. This allows consumers to see all the relevant product information quickly.


What is Ghost Mannequin Photography?

Ghost mannequin photography is the perfect way to shoot an e-commerce product. Ghost mannequin for photography offers an inside and detailed view of your products, telling you how they look on human shape. It gives the product a real feel. It is a type of 3D view that also draws clients, and they can imagine the outlook easily. This makes consumers happy to purchase their clothes.


Creating the ghost mannequin effect – A step-by-step guide!

Import and sort all the photographs!

First things first! You need to import all pictures to the device that you have on the camera. You need to sort the photos and select the best ones that you think can give you the best results after editing. Once you are done that the exciting part begins.

Build a new background layer!

Open your pictures in Photoshop and build a new background layer. For the background, always use white color. You need to fill your picture with pure white. You can also create a clean backdrop for placing labels on your layers.

Separate the product from the background!

The “Selection” tools make this simple, whether this is the “Magic Wand” or the “Lasso” tool. You need to select your subject using any of these tools and then separate it from the background. Place the mask over there. Refine the mask with the layers of the selected fabric to ensure it is tight. Once you go to the “Select” tab, you can remove the entire background and model with the “Refine Edge” tool. Then click “OK” on the “Refine Edge” tab. The clothes will float easily and would pop out against a white background.


Repeat the process on the opposite side of the cloth!

Once you have separated the background from one side, you need to repeat the whole process on the opposite side of the cloth as well. To create the illusion of an invisible model, this is necessary. Build a new layer, choose the product, and refine the mask.

Combine the two images!

 Clean your masks and bring the pictures together. Change the positioning to ensure everything is symmetrical and is correctly proportionate behind the layers.

Delete or remove the top layer with unused parts!

Make a fast check on the layers to ensure everything is clear, and nothing is out of order. Removing all unwanted stuff will make the picture sharp.



Bring the shadow on!

Apply the shadow right between the two layers to create the depth of the object – this often creates the impression of an unseen mannequin showing off the curves and thickness. This is the process that makes you feel that a real person has donned clothes. Well, it is the whole point of ghost mannequin effects.

Make sure your design is saved!

Now your image is ready. But, you need to be pretty careful so that you do not lose the file. Save a copy with the original layers of your Photoshop file. And save another copy along with all the layers combined into a universal image file e.g., PNG, JPG, IMG.

Bear in mind, however, that it is best to employ experts on invisible mannequin photo effects if you wish to have professionally shot product images.

Final Thoughts

Ghost mannequin is suitable for photography in the eCommerce business because it will help consumers get a clearer picture of the items. So, invest in a professional photography effects service provider that can support businesses to fulfill their goals.

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