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What is a wallet size picture measurement


What is a wallet size picture measurement? Well, many people like to keep their loved ones’ picture in their wallet. But all sizes of pictures will not be set on your wallet. You must need wallet size pictures to keep it in your wallet. So, if you want to have a wallet with your favorite person’s picture then you must have to learn about wallet size picture measurement. Actually, in today’s article I will write about the measurement of wallet size pictures. So, it can be the right place for you to learn about “what is a wallet size picture measurement”. However, let’s dive into the main point below without wasting our valuable time here. But, before knowing about the measurement of wallet-size pictures you should learn about what a wallet size photo is. 

What Is A Wallet Sized Photo:



A wallet size photo means a small sized picture that can be fitted in your wallet or purse perfectly. Every time, when you open your wallet you will see the person’s picture whom you love so much. 

Normally, this size is used in our ID card, license, passport etc. It’s really a very good way to show the love towards our parents, siblings, partner or others by having their pictures in our wallet. We always feel that they are with us no matter how far they are. Every time we open our wallet we will see their pictures and think about them and also remember them.

However, in a short way, we can say that the picture we can keep in our wallet is called wallet size photo.

What is a wallet size picture measurement:



Usually, wallet pictures are 2*3 inches in size. These pictures are tiny and you can get them from a convenience store, photo studio, or online printing store. But remember that various countries use various standard sizes of wallet photos. All the countries don’t prefer the same sizing system. For example, USA and Canada prefer 2.5*3.5 inches size as the standard dimensions of a wallet size photo. But these sizing systems will not work in Europe, Asia, and Australia. Normally, they use metric measurements for wallet size pictures. And their most common size is 45mm*35mm. 

However, these rules also can vary depending on the country and applications.

What Are Other Common Photo Sizes?


There are so many common photo sizes. Among them the most common photo sizes are- 

4*6 inches: These size pictures are best for framed photos, greetings cards and also postcards.

5*7 inches: People often use this size photos as framed photos, and greetings cards.

8*10 inches: This is the size of a more impactful image.

8.5*11 inches: You can use this size image for posters.

How Do I Protect My Wallet Photo?

How Do I Protect My Wallet Photo

Our wallet is a thing that will always be with us. Sometimes, accidentally it may fall into the water. In that case, our valuable things that we keep in our wallets may be damaged. As wallet size pictures are kept inside the wallet so it may also be damaged. 

In that situation you need to follow some rules to protect wallet photos. 

  • Always print your photo with high quality print. And don’t forget to have a protective coating with it.
  • To avoid sun fading keep your wallet away from sunlight. 
  • Don’t bend your wallet.
  • Remember not to keep more than one picture in your wallet. More than one picture can rub against each other that may cause damaging photos. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Que; How can I know the dimensions of a wallet size picture?

Ans: To measure the dimensions of a wallet size picture first of all keep the picture on a flat surface. Now, take a ruler or measurement tape and measure the length from one to another. Record the measurement on paper. Next, measure the height. And also, record the measurement on paper too.

There is an alternative way to know the dimensions if you don’t have physical photos. You can use digital file properties on your computer. First of all see the dimensions on digital file properties then use an online converter tool to convince the size into inches or centimeters.

Que: How do I resize my photo to fit perfectly in a wallet-size photo frame?

Ans: If you want to change the size of your wallet photo or passport photo, you can easily do it online with editing software like Photoshop or Canva. All you have to do is upload your photo, size it up to 2.5 or 3.5 inches and save it.

Que: Can I print wallet-size photos at home?

Ans: Yes, it is possible to have wallet photos printed in the comfort of one’s own home, either through a Photo Printer or a Regular Printer. All that is required is to select the Wallet Size Photo option in the Printer settings and to load the desired paper size.

Que: What type of paper is best for printing wallet-size photos?

Ans: High-quality photo paper is the most suitable material for the printing of wallet-size photographs, as it is designed to produce vibrant and sharp images. Matte or glossy paper can also be used, depending on the user’s preference.

Que: How do I crop my photo to a perfect square for a wallet-size photo?

Ans: If you want to make your photo square, you can crop it with either Photoshop or Canva. Just pick the square tool and make it 2×2 or 2×2.5 in, then save it.


Hopefully, now you have understood “what is a wallet size picture measurement” after reading this article above. 

It’s really very important to know the size of your wallet photos. No matter what the purpose of using a wallet size picture is, whether it’s for your identification purpose, or as a memory of your family, you can know the exact size. If you learn ‘what is a wallet size picture measurement’ you can tell someone when they will ask you about the size of your wallet size picture. So, if you have any wallet size picture in your wallet, you should learn about the measurement.

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