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Vector based Image file formats and their extensions

vector based image file

Suppose you are thinking about post-production photography or some quality logo, banner, and marketing design vector-based image files are an important part here. If you like to go for an advertisement then you need high quality, fully distortion-free, and perfect shape for the banner. In this sort of situation, I think you should vector images. Only vector images can provide you these types of opportunities. So, easily you can understand the necessity of vector-based image file formats. We know that vector image file formats contain vector lines and patterns that can be zoomed in as many as you can without losing their quality.

After zooming you can see that it may retain its original look. Now let me describe different types of vector image file formats and lists. You may find different types of vector file formats available in our daily life. Some of them are perfect for 2D and some are the exact fit for different web formats. Vector file formats are highly suited for the print industry. The most important thing is that vector images are highly portable and web-friendly.

PDF (Portable document format)

Normally PDF can be described as an independent file format. You can open the file by any operating system and it will not make any change. It can have both raster and vector file formats. Depends on how you have created this file. Here you may find difficulty in flattering a vector file.

AI (Adobe Illustrator artwork)

adobe illustrator artwork

Did you mean it Artificial Intelligence? Nope, it is Adobe Illustrator artwork. It is widely used as a vector file format. Ai file normally acts like a PDF, you can reopen the file or edit as you wish. It is mostly used for creating logos, illustrations for print layout.

SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics)|vector based Image file

Scalable Vector Graphics are mostly used in vector formats. You can create it by various Adobe programs like flash, after effects and so many. The image of this format is quite lightweight. So, it is really good for photo editing. The most important thing regarding SVG file format is it is Operating System platform-free. Use any kind of OS as you need. While editing you can enjoy a lot of flexibility. SVG file size could be huge if it contains many small size contents. You will not be able to read the objects partly. Sometimes the entire object may slow you down.

EPS (Encapsulated PostScript)

It is an old file format for vector files. In recent times, new file formats are more popular than this file format. However, you may find different software in the market which supports EPS file. Due to the main characteristics of EPS file format are it can be reopened, edited, or exported at any size. Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw support this type of file format.


dxf vector file

DXF stands for drawing exchange formats. It has gained its reputation through tagged data which is proceeded by integer group code. All programs cannot read the DXF file format so it is not widely used.

CGM (Computer Graphics Metafile)

We all know that CGM is an international standard file format for raster graphics and text. Normally this file format is not supported for the web version. You can use it for any kind of product design. So, you can use it for aviation, practical engineering terms, and many others.

SWF (Small Web Format)

SWF will help you to see flash animations. Especially it is an adobe flash file format that is widely used in multimedia. Normally Adobe illustrator can create SWF files using the export function. So they cannot edit those files. SWF can also contain both raster and vector images. Due to you may find some other 3rd party tools like SWISH Max which can produce SWF files.

WMF (Windows Metafile)|Vector based Image file

These file formats are specially designed for Microsoft Windows. Which contains both vector graphics and bitmap components. As a result, eIt is quite the same as SVG files. WMF is the native file format for some Microsoft Office applications like Microsoft Word. You can use this file format for online reading or download it as a PDF format.

GBR (Gerber Format)

GBR can be described as an open file vector format. It is used in PCB fabrication data. The upgraded version of the GBR format is used for electronic circuit board transmission. It supports polygons, oval, outlines, arches and so many.

Corel Draw

corel draw vector file

Corel Draw is a renowned vector graphics image editor for over the years. Here file extension is .cdr and it can create two-dimensional vector graphics. The graphics of this format is distortion-free and they can be used anywhere as your wishes like logos, banner, poster and so many.

PICT| Vector-based Image file

So this graphics file format was originally developed for Apple Macintosh. Which is the standard file format for Mac? It is using for both raster and vector images.

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Last few Words on Vector-based Image file formats and extension

So vector-based file image file formats are really necessary to make a fully distortion-free image. The images of this format are fully permeable for any kind of commercial purposes. We at Clipping Path Graphics can assure you to provide the best quality service for any kind of raster to vector image conversion. If you like to see our skill go for a free trial. Thanks a lot for being with us.

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