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Useful Tips For White Balance In Photoshop Designer Must Need To Know


White balance must not be a great issue these days when you have so many options to fix your images. But it still makes people a lot more confused than they must not be. Should I shoot in the RAW mode and not even bother about white balance? Or must I pick a different WB for all of the situations? With the following tips and tricks, you will easily be able to get the right white balance. Useful Tips For White Balance In Photoshop

Understand The Creative White Balance:

Before you find out the tips for fixing the white balance better, you need to know that you don’t need to look for the right white balance. Yes, all of the lightings will have the correct balance linked with it, but you may use the different white balance to develop different effects. Let us now get ahead with seeing the tips for white balance photoshop. Useful Tips For White Balance In Photoshop

  • Create the new layer that you will fill with the grey by selecting Edit >Fill>50% Grey. You will, at this point, change your blending mode to make sure it is set on Difference
  • Create the new Threshold adjustment layer and always make sure it is at the top of your stack. At such a point, you will now drag the slider almost wholly to the left, whereby you will find only a few areas that are highlighted in black.
  • With the Color Sample tool selected, you will now tap on the center of one of the areas that will save as the sample point.
  • Hide the Grey and Threshold layers and then select the curves adjustments layer. Once you have selected this, you will select the grey point pipette and use it over the sample point that you have just saved in the past step.



Other Tips You Can Use While You Are Shooting The Images:

Use RAW:

When you are using RAW, you may choose your white balance at the step of editing in the Camera RAW or Lightroom. The ideal way to have the perfect white balance is to use RAW when you are capturing your photos. And then, you may pick the white balance that you want at the editing stage.

That is what many people will tell you, but a few photographers such as the Outdoor Photographers swear that it is not so. When you are shooting RAW, there is still a white balance that is set remembered by the file. That is what the preview JPEG you see is utilizing when you open any file in Photoshop. Useful Tips For White Balance In Photoshop.


The TAW doesn’t have white balance information in it, but you may be misled by the preview in which you see the screen, so you may end up tweaking the file a whole different way. Then what should you do? Take the middle road, shoots RAW using AWB, and then confirm over the LCD that the results are close to what you need or want, checking both the histogram and image. Trust on what your eyes see and use your common sense.

Use custom WB:

You may always choose from the already define WB options present in your camera. You may also set a very specific color temperature using Kelvin, the unit used to measure color. And you may set the custom white balance. Cameras also have many different ways to set the custom WB. Still, the already present process is to photograph something that you want to use being a reference and then tell the camera to use this image for the custom WB.



If you photograph the Gary Card and then set the image as the Custom WB source, all of the images taken afterward will now abide by the set WB until you change it all over again or choose one of the other options. This suggests that there is potential for the creative use of this function. If you photograph the colored wall or a paper, it may be defined as the white balance for a series of images. Try this with different colors. You will be able to learn a lot about how your camera is working.

Use live view:

The live view in the DSLR cameras makes it possible to see how every White Balance setting will affect the photograph. If you have loosed at the LCD of the compact digital camera while you also change the white balance, you will notice how the colors change. With the DSLR, we think this may not be done as we look through the viewfinder to shoot. But since the DSLRs started having live view options, things have changed.



Use an ExpoDisc:

The best rendition of colors is then achieved using the ExpoDisc and measuring the incident light. This feature is better than the gray card. This feature sits in front of your lens and looks a lot similar to the dome on the incident light meter. It is available in many sizes. But the large one so that you can use it with all of your lenses. It transforms the reflective meter in the camera into the incident light meter. Useful Tips For White Balance In Photoshop.

Use-an-Expo Disc


This means that you will point the camera in the direction of light falling on the subject instead of pointing on the subject and then taking a reading. Remember to set the right kind of exposure for the light conditions. Turn autofocus off, or the lens will keep trying to focus on the disc. Follow the camera instructions to set the custom white balance.

Once you are done, you will keep shooting with a similar setting.

Other options you can check:

The ExpoDisc and all the other tools and systems mentioned here may be essential for a few photographers to measure the white balance. This said, if you are okay with your results with AWB and shoot mainly under the normal light conditions, you may forget these tools and then live the rest of your life happily.

But if you are dwelling into the creative fields of taking photos, shoot under many different light conditions, and are not mostly happy with the many WB settings from your camera, then some of these tools may help you find your place:

  1. ColorRight
  2. ClearWhite
  3. ExpoDisc
  4. WhiBal
  5. DigitalGray Card
  6. EzyBalance



Well, this was all that you must know about balancing your white light. Remember, with practice, you can always make yourself better and improve your skill on your camera. It is always after you have done enough practice that you get a hold of your white balance photoshop skills. This will allow you to check how your images appear and the light ratio they have in all light conditions.

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It is always after you have done enough practice that you get a hold of your white balance photoshop skills. This will allow you to keep a check on how your images appear and the light ratio they have in all. Clipping path graphics is one of the best image editor.

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