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Useful Image Requirements for Amazon Products

In less than twenty years, Amazon has become a huge shark in the e-Commerce space, with numerous individuals glad to pay for a Prime membership and product costs that are a dollar (or five) more than what you have to pay in a renowned grocery store only for the comfort and openness. On Amazon or ecommerce seller , you can look for anything, and in no time, you have many choices for whatever you’re searching for with audits connected, and the best thing, you’re not bound to your geo-location.

You’ve to manage to post your Amazon product a lot. However, there’s one piece of posting that weighs the most on whether you’ll get your desired clicks and sales on your product – the Amazon product display picture.

Requirements for Amazon Products

Amazon product photographs are what consumers commonly filter through most eagerly in their indexed lists, and it’s just your product’s impression, through your photography, that will grasp your client’s attention. There’s a slight chance that you’ve run a promotion with an intention that remove background people may notice you, and there’s plenty of sales. On the other hand, there’s a chance that you don’t have the correct Amazon picture size, clients will not have the option to zoom in, and some unacceptable picture documents will be dismissed by Amazon altogether.

We don’t need any of that to occur, so in this article, we will investigate clipping path service for  Amazon picture prerequisites for product photographs and best practices to assist you in getting clicks and clients.


One of the principal things to consider while thinking about what Amazon needs in a picture is the specialized side. Since, in such a case that your picture doesn’t meet the image background requirements, it will not be tolerated. This is what you need to know:

  • Amazon suggests utilizing bigger than 1000 pixels on a solitary side.
  • The least Amazon picture measurement is 500 pixels a side.
  • The largest Amazon picture measurement is 10,000 pixels a side.
  • Thus you are given a range of 500 pixels to 10,000 pixels for one side, which is enormous.
  • Amazon suggests utilizing a (1:1) square picture with the measurements (2000×2000) pixels.
  • With improved measurements, Amazon considers extreme zoom, a 5:1 angle proportion.
  • Image zoom capacities begin when the picture is 1000 pixels on the extreme side and 500 pixels on the least.
  • The extreme size is ten MB for each picture.
  • You can utilize JPEG, TIFF, PNG, or GIF documents, yet JPEG format is liked and utilized by most professionals.
  • It’s recommended to crop your photograph well, with a restricted blank area to expand the item’s size.
  • Compress the picture.

Useful Image Requirements for Amazon Products


If you’ve ever looked through Amazon previously, you’ve probably seen that the ecommerce product editing photographs can be generally uniform, so you know the products’ technical side is not the only necessities Amazon has. They additionally have really strict requirements about the display product picture design.

Note that there are many design necessities for the essential automotive background photograph, which will appear as the thumbnail and the other pictures that clients can look through on the product’s page.

Main or Essential Image Guidelines

These are some of the design necessities for the principle or essential photograph:
  • The picture should cover the specialty of the item.
  • It should cover craftsmanship being worthy on account of computerized books, documents, and so forth drawings of the product.
  • The picture should be in-center and look expertly lit.
  • The item needs to contain sensible tones.
  • The picture can’t contain extra articles that are befuddling.
  • Model – You can have a man/lady demonstrating or wearing your product, such as a coat, jeans, or cap.
  • Products should fill 85% or a greater amount of the picture outline, with restricted whitespace out of sight.
  • Backgrounds should be white, RGB 255, 255, and 255 on the color wheel.
  • Your photograph should show full items and needs to show up all the edge.
  • The picture can’t contain illustrations or text.
  • The picture should have smooth edges.
  • You can’t highlight watermarks.

Useful Image Requirements for Amazon Products

Alternative Image Guidelines

On Amazon, these are design-related guidelines for alternative photographs as well.

  • No offensive, harsh, or pornographic pictures are permitted.
  • The picture should be related to the item being sold.
  • It actually should be in-center, perfectly lit, with having sensible tones.
  • Other articles of the same product are allowed here.
  • The item and props should take up 85% of the picture.
  • Close-up pictures are permitted.
  • You can show the item being used.
  • Text and illustrations are permitted if and only if they’re valuable, such as dimensions.
Best Practices for Amazon Display Pictures

Useful Image Requirements for Amazon Products

We have already covered the technical side of image posting, but there are many other ways if you need to sell in such a big marketplace.

How about learning a few new things to ensure that you’re going to apply on every posting.

Get the Zoom

Clients can’t zoom in amazon pictures except if the picture is sufficiently large, and you would photo retouching services prefer not to deny your clients the opportunity to see a closer view of your product.

Add Multiple Images

Amazon provides you with the choice to add many pictures for every single item so that you may use it for your potential benefit! Suppose you’re a buyer, and when you click on an item and just see just one picture, regardless of whether it’s generally clear as crystal, you’ll be a little distrustful.

Using pictures from various angles may allow you to showcase your product from various points, giving clients a balanced perspective on your product.

Showcase your Product in Use

Including the pictures of your product being used by some people. It shows how simple the item is to utilize or how product editing  incredible it is, and it helps the client imagine having your product in their life. For example, a dress may look “simply alright” when photographed with white background; but, seeing the skirt moving while the model spins are something else.

Industry-Specific Amazon Guidelines

Before you begin photographing your products, you need to double-check whether Amazon has any industry-explicit rules for pictures that you’ll be posting.

The dress business, for instance, has some rules:

  • Women’s and men’s garments should be depicted either with a white background or on a model; newborn children’s dress should be in a white background in the essential picture.
  • The frill of a dress should be captured straight and clear.
  • Lingerie, bathing suits, or swimsuits should seem a bit reserved and not “Seductive.”

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