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Roll Up Banner Design

Roll Up Banner Stands, also referred to as Roller Banners or Pull Up Banners, are a crucial resource for any exhibitor looking to face out at an exhibition or fair. they will even be wont to make an enormous impact in your shop or place of business as an excellent addition to your point of sale material.

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Only 5, we hear you exclaim! That’s right, there are numerous advantages of roll up banner stands that sticking to only 5 reasons is pretty tough. Still, we’ll provide it a go and in so doing will reveal why they’re such a formidable sort of advertising.

Let’s begin by checking we’re agreed on what they’re. As their name suggests, they’re stands (i.e. standalone, they hold themselves up) and that they roll up – they appear like this:

roll up banner stand

Very simple, very effective, we expect you’ll agree. So let’s get into why they’re so great:

1. Roll-up banner stands are portable
The fact that they roll up, including their lightweight design, makes them very easy to move. As a result, they’re ideal for traveling to different trade shows and exhibitions if you are doing so on a daily basis.

2. they’re easy to store
Again, because they roll up they don’t take up much space when not getting used … and as we all know space is money.

3. they’re Durable
Whether you decide for our anti-curl stop-light polypropylene version or the PVC version, they’re built to last – you won’t find yourselves having to exchange them during a hurry.

4. they’re really effective
As with all other sorts of outdoor advertising, they present your message on to your audience – and since they’re so portable they will be moved around at a moment’s notice as each situation demand.

5. they’re great value
As if all that wasn’t enough, they’re not even expensive, ranging from as little as $20. Compare that with other sorts of advertising and you’ll see exactly why they’re so popular.