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Graphics can be functional or artistic. It can be in layered recorded version, as photos, or to interpret the scientist pointed out necessary features, or in most artistic cases the distinction with imaginary graphics may become blurred.

Graphic design can consist of the deliberate selection, creation or layout of letters in printing, font or composition alone, as in a brochure, poster, website or book without any other element. Clarity can be the goal, associated with which other cultural elements can be sought, or simply, the creation of a distinctive style. Photoshop retouching, model retouching, retouching jewelry, Product retouching is the appearance of photography an example of graphics

Retouching is very useful for old pictures to get a new look to update faded areas, lighting color, or change the colors in a certain place. Looking closely at recent developments in photo editing, we would find many of the techniques applied.

The work of editing involves correcting image color, contrast, brightness and various other aspects. This service is used by many organizations that need your images to be retouched before they can be downloaded online or on their blogs. Picture after passing through the process of editing the picture will have a professional look and get to the target market.

Photo editing is a process in which not only the gamma, color and other faded part are fixed, or the unnecessary removing of blur background. In the process, we can add color to black and white picture. In some cases, specific effects can also be added to pictures or photos as well. There are many techniques that are used to edit images better, to its satisfaction, and each of them are unique, it simple to apply and it make adjustment to even badly damaged photos because they are easy to use, the task becomes so easy. skin patches such as acne or scars can be easily removed by using the editing tools.


Edit model is used to restore or enhance the image. The most common among them are the adverts for modeling. Almost all models are digitally retouched, digitally corrected and almost changed in every way to achieve that perfect look. This is most evident in lingerie adverts where the skin is processed to look flawless from top to bottom. So how is it to make it flawless? IMAGE The first applying “correction brush”, which automatically removes skin blemishes. So after just a few clicks, you can have a nice smooth skin without scoring, and they are airbrush to give them this beautiful soft glow.

Model editing on the other hand is more an art. It is used for commercial ads for companies that are trying to create the most interesting and spectacular adverts. Editing template can create stunning images that come from the right side of the page with the help of image composition. It also allows us to take a step forward in Photoshop graphic design and illustrate beyond what Photoshop can offer.


Retouching product is the process of photo retouching e-commerce, including adding new details or touching the image for correction or enhancement. To achieve perfection, photos of retouching products uses different tools and consider the importance of colors, shapes and textures. Unique photos of products are the result of their work.

Retouching product is used by photographers who work with food, advertising photography, fashion industry and are involving in buying. Retouching product contains an image section, color correction; watermark adding, change the background, noise reduction, elimination stickers, masking, and adjustment range.


Jewelry editing using special editing software such as Photoshop. Light space to improve the quality and overall impression of the picture, and make jewelry Attractive by exploring the effects of light and color, which is the shiny stones, removes stains or streaks.

All these tools allow jewelry publishing services to be use mainly for commercial purposes. Therefore, jewelry is really attractive when edited because it provides results that attract people because of the brightness, deep colors and lack of image defects.

Jewelry editing services can include removing stains and correcting colors and light, adjusting contrast and brightness, adding brightness, improving the detail of the image and removing unwanted elements, cropping and change the background image and image scaling.

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