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Photoshop Face Retouching Service: Super-fast and Easy Techniques in 2018


Hey, how is your time going? Today I will discuss about a new thing “Photoshop face retouching service”. In the recent time it is one of the most interesting and demand-able topics in Photoshop. In this tutorial I will show you how you can improve your portraits by highlighting your subject. Today we will learn about how to remove pimples and remove some other skin defect by using Photoshop skin healing brush. After that we will learn how to smooth and soften the object like skin without damaging any important part like eyes, hair and many others. In this process we will keep the skin texture as good as possible.

Let me discuss about how to smooth skin in Photoshop

  1. Make a copy in the Photoshop

For a newly opened image the layers panel shows the photo in the background layer. At the beginning of your work you need to remove the unwanted blemishes. For protecting the original image you need to work on a separate layer. Make a copy of the background layer by pressing and holding the Alt+Win key on your keyboard. What you have to do is click the background layer and drag it down onto the new layer icon at the bottom of the layers panel. Photoshop face retouching service and image retouching service are done professionally at Clipping path Graphics.

Name in the duplicate layer box name it “Spot Healing” and select the ok button.

Now a copy of the image will appear on a new layer named Spot Healing.

The second step: Selecting the spot healing brush

Go to your Adobe Photoshop toolbar and select the spot healing brush.

Third Step: Now you should set the spot healing brush to “Content Aware”

You need to make sure that the type option in the option bar is properly set to Content-Aware.

Fourth Step: You need to remove the skin Blemishes

Use the Spot Healing Brush tool and remove unwanted skin blemishes. Photoshop can instantly “heal” the blemishes by replacing the problem texture with awesome textures of skin from the surrounded area. For the great result you need to keep your brush a slightly larger than the blemish.

If you would like to change your brush size then press the right bracket key (]) from your keyword and the left bracket key ([) for making it smaller. For the first time if the blemish hasn’t gone properly then undo it by pressing the ( cntrl+Z ).  After that you need to resize your brush and do the same thing.

Let me give you an example Remove the skin blemish with Spot Healing Brush

If we look at the example we may see that a large pimple. Now I will position the spot healing brush tool and make the brush tool slightly larger than the pimple itself.

For removing the blemish at first I will click on the spot healing brush. Photoshop will analyze this area find good texture from the surrounding area and after that blend the good texture around the problematic area. Now you will feel the magic, blemish is gone.

Removing Blemishes not features

When you are retouching the skin you should keep in mind that it is quite okay to remove the acne or pimples but it is not okay to remove the permanent features like the moles or certain scars.

After all the goal of image retouching is to help people look their best and people want that.

       Complete the initial skin set up

You need to work a lot to remove the existing blemishes. Now let us make a side by side              comparison how it look like before and after the retouching. Here I covered the spot healing brush very quickly.

Make a copy of your spot healing layer

When the blemishes are completely removed then we are completely ready to soften the skin and I think it will work best on a separate layer. Now let get back to the layer panel make the copy of the layer by pressing and holding Alt if you are a MAC user then you need to press option key. Now dragging it down to a new layer.

Name the new layer as “Smooth skin” and then click ok.

Now we have the original image on the background layer the initial Spot Healing layer and now the Smooth Skin layer.

Sixth step: Now you need to apply the high pass filter

For smoothing the skin we will use “Photoshop High pass Filter”. To do that at first we should go the filter menu in the menu bar then choose other and go to the High pass. Select it.


Why the high pass filter is effective for Smoothing skin

If we sharpening the image the high pass filter would allow us to sharpen the edges without effecting the skin. But for smoothing skin, we use high pass for the exact opposite reason. Here we will detect edges not so that we can sharpen them but we can smooth the whole object without the edges.

Let me describe the process

The Radius Value

The high pass filter can detect the edge and his duty is to highlight them. Radius control the thickness of the edge highlighting. When the Photoshop will detect an edge then the radius value will tell you how many pixels on either side of it that included as an edge. Here the low radius values will highlight the finest details of the image.

face retouching service, photoshop face retouching service

But we need all the information. We need to highlight the areas around them also. Which means larger radius value is also needed.

Suppose you are working on a lower resolution image then small radius value like 18 or 12 pixels will work much better. You may be thinking in your mind that why I am talking about fixed values? It is important that you should choose a radius value which is easily divisible by 3.

For closing High Pass dialogue box you need to click ok. Mostly your image will turn gray. Large and high contrast halos will highlight the edges.

Seventh Step: Apply the Gaussian Blur Filter

Here we need to blur the high pass filter effect immediately. The blurring will help you to bring out more good texture in the skin. At first go to the filter menu, choose the blur option and then choose Gaussian Blur.

Now set the radius value exactly one third of the value you used for the high pass filter. Previously I set the high pass radius to 24 pixels, so I will set the Gaussian Blur radius one third of that. Which is 8 pixels.

When you will apply the high pass effect it will look like

photoshop face retouching service

Eighth Step: Change the layer blend mood to linear light 

From the layer panel change the blend mood blend mode “Smooth skin” layer from normal light to linear.

photoshop face retouching service

Ninth Step: Invert the layer

At first you need to find the image menu, choose adjustments from here and then choose invert.

photoshop face retouching service

Tenth Step: Now you should open the blend option

If you want to reduce the halo effect, click the layer style button.

photoshop face retouching service

Now choose the blending option from the top of the list.

photoshop face retouching service

Eleventh Step: Drag the “Blend If” Sliders

From the layer style dialogue box, find the blend if sliders at the bottom here you may find two sets of sliders first one is “This layer” and the one below is “Underlying layer”

Now carefully notice that the slider below each end of the gradient bar. Here these sliders control how the Smooth Skin layer blend with the image below it based on the brightness level of the year.

Reducing the Light Haloes

We will start this process by reducing the lighter halos. You need to press the Alt key on your keyboard if you are a Mac user press the Option key then begin it towards left. Here only the left side of the slider is moving while the other part right side is staying in place. Carefully watch you image while you are dragging the slider you may see the lighter halos is fading away. Now you need to drag the slider and reduce them as much as possible.

Here is the out coming result after dragging the first slider. You may notice that most of the lighter haloes are gone.

Now we will reduce the dark haloes

If you want to reduce the dark halos press and hold your Alt key for windows for mac press Option key now drag the slider left to right. Now see the magic almost all the dark halos will disappear.

Now see the images after dragging both of the sliders.

Twelve step: Now you need to add a layer mask

For smoothing the skin you need add a layer mask. Now the same procedure press the Alt key on your keyboard and add layer mask button.

Here the layer mask thumbnail is appearing on the Smoothing skin layer. It will hide the smoothing effect from view the reason is, we can paint it back where we need.

Thirteenth Step: Select the brush tool

Now you need to select your brush tool.

Fourteenth Step: Set your brush color to White

Please make sure that your foreground color is set to white. Now you will be able to swatch the color from the toolbar. For a shortcut key you can press D.

Fifteenth Step: Paint over the skin

Before starting painting you need to make sure that your mood is set to normal, opacity is at 100% and flow is also 100%.

Now you need to paint over the skin to remove the smoothing effect. In this particular sector a soft edge brush will work best. You can control the brush hardness.

  • Shift+ Left bracket key = make the brush softer
  • Shift+ Right bracket Key= make the brush harder

Now I will paint over her nose, eyes and checks to reveal the skin smoothing. If I do anything wrong you can press X from your keyboard to set your brush color black press X again to make your brush color white.

Viewing the layer mask

If you want to see what you have painted press alt key and click the layer mask thumbnail.

Sixteenth Step and the last one: Lower the layer Opacity

Now the effect is too intense. If you want to reduce it just lower the opacity of the smooth skin layer. Make it 40% to 60%.

Now you will get the actual image. The perfect one!!


Some Words about “Photoshop face retouching”

I hope, from this article you will learn more about Photoshop face retouching service. Follow us regularly we will publish more informative articles on these topic. Have a great time!!

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