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Photoshop Clipping path-The good and bad technique for creating handmade path

Clipping Path Photoshop

Photoshop Clipping Path-The good and bad technique for creating handmade path


Clipping Path Photoshop


Adobe Photoshop is a handy tool for any kind of image editing service. For any kind of image editing or clipping path job Photoshop is perfectly ok. Around the globe every day almost thousands of designers use it for their editing purpose. Today I will discuss the good and bad Photoshop clipping path technique. If you are an eCommerce business owner or clipping path graphics designer you must have this knowledge.

If you are busy with designing something that requires the cutout background or replaces it as it was the simplest method to do it is make the clipping path for that particular photo. Easily you can change the product color, background color, and background effect. It is so easy now just by a simple click.

The tools and steps which are needed for Photoshop clipping path service.

  1. For making a handmade path you need Photoshop pen tool. It will help you to select the object quickly.
  2. Create a path around the image area that is still become a silhouette.
  3. From the paths panel, choose to save from the panel menu.
  4. Click the same panel menu and choose the clipping path.
  5. Now, from the clipping path dialogue box, choose a path from the drop-down menu box.

Let me discuss the bad techniques about Photoshop clipping path service

Handmade paths are seriously important especially in the field of clipping path service. If anyone ever gives you advice that the magic wand tool is the thing that you should use for creating a path in a given image. This sentence is fully wrong. Never motivate with this speech. For professional clipping path service, handmade path works in the best way.

How magic wand tool works:

Normally magic wand tool selects large areas of similar color and creates a selective area. Now if you press (shift+click) on the outside of this selected area and color it will add the selection to this existing area. It works fine when you have a large area to select in the same color. You can easily alter the broadness of the color section by changing the value in the tolerance field.

For creating a vector path please go to the paths palette click on the little submenu and select Make work path. When the work path has been completed you need to select the save path from the same submenu.

Now zoom in on the menu that you have just created. If the value is near about 2.0 then it is sure that you have done something seriously wrong. Suppose your given value is low like 0.5 then you can easily understand how ragged the result could be.


clipping tolerance level
Figure: Clipping tolerance level


Now I am providing you some bad worse examples of Photoshop clipping path.


Photoshop clipping path
Figure: Example of Bad and Worse Clipping Path


This is the main reason that you should not trust the magic wand tool not anymore. The average result of clipping for the magic wand tool is horrible.

Now let me tell you the best way handmade Photoshop clipping path

When you will think about high-quality clipping path service, the truth is that there is no short-cut technique apply like you can check out the best service provider of Clipping Path. You need to do it properly by hand. If you will click and hols the pen tool in Photoshop tools palette you will see a list of its subsidiary tools.  The one you are using is pen tool, add anchor point tool, delete anchor point tool. You don’t need to select them constantly from the toolbar.

You can do some experiment with convert point tool by pressing the Alt key and click on the existing anchor point. Quickly pick up how the tools are working.

You need to trace the image so that the path is roughly in the middle of anti-aliasing. Anti-aliasing will occur when the computer will blend the hard edges of any image object. It will minimize the amount of blue ‘ghosting’ that might appear around the edges of the final cut out. When you have traced all the way around the image select save path from the options.

Softening cut out edges when using Photoshop Clipping Paths

Suppose your finished background is white if it is any other color then substitute white with a CMYK value. Now open the paths palette and holding the palette key and click the path that you have saved recently. It will create a selection of your path.


Figure: Softening Cut Out Edges


Now, select the layer via copy. A new layer will appear in your layers palette.

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Final few words

I think this article will help you a lot in this particular concept Photoshop clipping path. Especially you may have a clear idea regarding handmade clipping path and auto clipping path technique. Thanks a lot for being with us. Have a great time! Bye for now.

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