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Color Correction Service

Changing COlor

make your product color as you want!

We are here to make your image more perfect for your

online shop or e-commerce website.

We provide-

  1. Enhancement Product Color
  2. Change product any color as you want
  3. Color variant service
  4. Photo Color Change

More perfect match color or improve your original color 100% quality

and product cut out the image with the perfect look.


Bag color correction After-Clipping Pa

about color Correction

Photo editing discussion has been the basis of every graphic designer should have at his/her fingertips. The art of correcting colors in Photoshop best one of the things any user should master. A photographer, a brand builder, logo designer, and a web developer needs to know well to play with colors.

Color change is simply the technique of changing the feel of the present image. This can be achieved by a correction service playing around with filters and some tools in Photoshop. One may not like the current look of an image and decided to change it. The technique of changing color comes to mind. Since we all know what color exchange is! The next question is now how do I correct the colors of the images I have? That leads us to the next topic.

  • Product Photo Color Correction
  • Model and Beauty Color Enhancement
  • Natural Color Improvement
  • Actual Color scale and Gradient Effect

  • Super Fast and best Quality
  • High-Quality Color Enhancement
  • No Automated tool using
  • Professional and skilled designers
Bam image- Clipping path graphics
Bag image 2- Clipping Path Graphics
Jewelry-Packaging-Box-Mockup-1-Clipping path graphics


Color change photoshop is simply the technique of changing the feel of the present image. One may not like the current look of an image and decided to change it. The technique of color convert comes to mind. Since we all know what color exchange is, the next question is now how do I correct the colors of the images I have? That leads us to the next topic.

COLOR CHANGE: It is the technique or art of changing entirely the color of the photo into something different from the original. For instance, changing the color of a table from black to blue in Photoshop. Color change is fun too especially when you have the right technique. That leads us to another important topic of discussion.

The Best techniques for color change: There are many techniques used in changing colors in Photoshop using many tools which include the pen tool. Brush tool and the magic wand tool. The simplest yet the, most effective of them all; THE MAGIC WAND TECHNIQUE.
The magic wand technique: Magic wand as a tool is used to select areas where you want to work on in Photoshop. Please follow the steps below to achieve a color change.

What does color Enhancement or color variant mean?

Photoshop color exchange is widely being used in editing services. It’s very workable for eCommerce retailers and for the businessman whose business is running through by depending upon photo editing. It’s not that easy to shoot every variation of your product so it’s the easiest way to get a simple photo with different color. It will save your time and will save your money also. Sometimes all the colors are not available when it’s time to shoot. It’s very crucial to disclose the entire range of product variation. sometimes  It doesn’t look very appealing, not satisfying the existing color, so that time we need to do this service.



They are many techniques used when correcting tool or even the colors of a picture. It ranges from making use of available tools in Photoshop like soft brushes, the smudge tool, or even the magic wand tool, also the lasso tool is inclusive. Today the best technique will be the simple yet effective method of correcting colors which is the IMAGE TAB method Please note: This case study is in Adobe Photoshop CS4


Use photoshop to change using the image tab technique is as follows:
First step: Load on the Image on Photoshop by clicking on file and load on the image on Photoshop by clicking on the file and click on open or simply use the CTR + O then select your image.

Second step: Click on the image tab at the top end and simply choose any of the options your choose, Auto-tone. Auto contrast and Auto color.



SHIFT + CTRL +L for Auto-tone.
ALT + SHIFT + CTRL + L for Auto contrast
SHIFT + CTRL + B for Auto color.

Another technique used in correcting colors of an image is the COLOR BALANCING
TECHNIQUE. This technique is quite tricky but the outcome is always awesome especially when you play around with the values well. To use the color balancing technique simply click

on the “image tab” then click on “adjustment”. Play around with the colors of red, green, or blues and see how the images adjust to your taste.
Kindly use the shortcut CTRL + B

When we feel that we  need IT :

  • When we feel that we need to disclose the existing product with different colors. But we don’t want to waste our time shooting repeatedly for the same product.
  • While the photographer fails to capture the real look, real test, and real color of the photo. Then we need it.
  • For introducing the new product with the existing one we need this service.

When we think about skipping correction:

  1. The photographer clicked the photo in the right way .although it’s not possible. we got the perfect color and looked at it accidentally. So most of the time we can’t skip it.

2. We have the scarcity of color of that product we wanna post or wanna sell at that moment we really don’t need this.

The easiest way to do :

We at clipping path graphics follow different techniques as per the photo demand. The easiest way that we follow is first we do a clipping path of the product then we choose a color like gray, it goes perfect actually then choose the color that the client wanna have. it’s so simple to do.

Our retoucher follows RGB color, Lab color, CMYK color for doing color enhancement. We rarely choose CMYK color when It’s a big file and we need to print it. The photos wouldn’t crack if we used CMYK color.


Does a retoucher need to have good color sense?

I think it’s a must. Because all the time we don’t do color convert only by following the color demand given by clients. Sometimes we need to design the page for making an attractive look so that time a good color sense of retouches does make sense. The retouches must have to have the color replacement sense that what color goes well with the replacement of another color .sometimes we follow the color chart of change color. Playing with color is a great quality of a retouches. After applying color change. The photo we get doesn’t come out well because that retouches just followed the rule not mind.

What would we prefer manual color exchange or color swifting  by automatic software:

We clipping path graphics we don’t really believe in editing by automatic software. It doesn’t carry good results away when any company or person does it by using the software. An automatic software does all work automatically like a robot. software never understands the emotion of yours either your clients.it just would follow the function that is already established in it. So doing color swift by automatic software would be one of the wrong decisions of yours.

Why professional photographer  should choose an editing service company for editing :

The maximum photographer wouldn’t like to choose editing service their view is like that an editing service company doesn’t understand the emotion. The demand that they feel for the photo when clicking. But from an editing service company’s perspective we think that it will time consuming for a photographer. You can’t concentrate on your photography if you waste a countless time on doing this service. And a being professional they must try to understand the emotion behind your photo. And they have experienced enough doing the same thing that you are really looking for.


So without wasting more time contact us with the present project that you wanna got edited with color correction.