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Photo correction discussion has been the basic of every graphic designer should have at his/her finger tips. The art of correcting colours in Photoshop best one of the things any user should master. A photographer, a brand builder, logo designer, and a web developer needs to know well to play with colours. Well to achieve a great result. Therefore today we will be talking particularly about:


*Best technique used in colour correction.
*Best tools to make use of during colour correction.

Best technique used in colour change.

WHAT IS COLOUR CORRECTION: Colour correction is simply the technique of changing the feel of the present

image.I can be achieved by playing around with filters and some tools in Photoshop. One may not like the current look of an image and decided to change it. The technique of colour correction comes to mind. Since we all know what colour correction is, the next question is now how do I correct the colours of the images I have? That leads us to the next topic.
BEST TECHNIQUE USED IN COLOUR CORRECTION: They are many techniques used when correcting tool or even the colours of a picture. It ranges from making use of available tolls in Photoshop like: soft brushes, the smudge tool or even the magic wand tool, also lasso tool is inclusive. Today the best technique will be the simple yet effective method of correction colours which is the IMAGE TAB method Please note: This case study is in Adobe Photoshop CS4
Image colour correction using the image tab technique is as follows;
First step: Load on the Image on Photoshop by clicking on file and load on the image on Photoshop by clicking on file and click on open or simply use the CTR + O then select your image.

Second step: click on image tab at the top end and simply choose any of the options your choice, Auto tone. Auto contrast and Auto colour.
Use the following shortcuts;
SHIFT + CTRL +L for Auto tone.
ALT + SHIFT + CTRL + L for Auto contrast
SHIFT + CTRL + B for Auto colour.
Another technique used in correcting colours of an image is the COLOUR BALANCING
TECHNIQUE. This technique is quite tricky but the outcome is always awesome especially when you play around with the values well. To use the colour balancing technique simply clicks on the “image tab” the click on “adjustment”. Play around with the colours of red, green or blues and see how the images adjust to your taste.
Kindly use the shortcut CTRL + B
Colour change: It is the technique or art of changing entirely the colour of photo into something different from the original. For instance changing the colour of a table from black to blue in Photoshop. Colour change is fun to especially when you have the right technique. That leads us to another important topic of discussion:
Best techniques for colour change: there are many techniques used in changing colours in Photoshop using many tools which includes the pen tool. Brush tool and the magic wand tool. The simplest yet the, most effective of them all; THE MAGIC WAND TECHNIQUE.
The magic wand technique: Magic wand as a tool is used to select areas where you want to work on in Photoshop. Please follow the steps below to achieve a colour change;

Step one: click on the magic wand tool or use the short cut “W”

Step two: Move the tool over to any place you want to change in the image and click on it

Step three: Move to colour palette and select the colour you simply want to use.

Finals step: Select the paint bucket tool or simply use the shortcut “G” then click on the selected image and the colour change will take place.
Conclusion: Colour change and colour correction has been one of the major and basic skills a graphic designer that makes use of Photoshop should have off by heart. I am glad to share the little knowledge I have on how to correct colours and change colours all to your taste,
Have fun practicing what you have learnt from this tutorial.