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How to take selfie like a supermodel

how to take selfie

The new era of the internet has increased at a rapid rate. We like to take a selfie for showcasing the different positions in our day-to-day life. Our natural trend is to share beautiful moments with our friends. For this purpose, a selfie could be a smart trend. Sometimes it couldn’t be so great cause of the angle and background. In this article today we will discuss how to take a selfie like a supermodel. Let me tell you some crucial points on that

Know your right angle

Everyone has his own angle where he looks beautiful. While taking a selfie you need to know your angles. It is important as an awkward angle may ruin your image or create a bad impact on the overall image. Sometimes we peek at the camera in front of our face it is the most common angle that we take a selfie. Now if it is not perfect for you, do it on either the left or right side.

man take selfie
Photo source: https://qph.fs.quoracdn.net/main-qimg-171140ca887c513f4480ab18c9182f2c

Experience is a big factor here I guess. Try to learn some experience with older people. Do some practice on which angle you look great? Then consider all of these and finalize your ultimate one.

Don’t force your facial expression

A common question for all of you which one do you like most? A natural smiling face or an artificial smile is done by force. Obviously, the answer is the first one. So don’t do too many facial expressions to stay normal. In front of the camera just give a natural smile and try to focus on the subject.

selfie pose
Photo Source- https://qph.fs.quoracdn.net/main-qimg-151221cecbb8e674f1511799071f670c

If you are in a bad mood and you have a dark spot on the face then try to remember some of your happy memories. I believe it will help you to get on track.

Proper lighting

If you like to explain the question “how to take a selfie?” then off curse lighting is an important issue. Improper lighting may ruin any kind of business. Dark light will produce a very low-quality image. I prefer to take a selfie in daylight. Now if you have a party at night then while taking a selfie to take care of your light. Consider your angle that which position you can get a brighter face?

Dark images will create a negative impact on your friend’s mind. It will not pursue any good things. Your facial expression should be perfect according to the environment.

Get a smartphone with an outstanding camera

Do not make any compromise with the smartphone and camera while you are taking a selfie on a special occasion. You must need a high-quality smartphone that contains a clear zooming feature. The more low-quality smartphone you buy more chance to get a low-quality image.

I personally prefer the iPhone and Samsung for regular use or taking a smart selfie. If you are in hesitation do some research in the market that which one do you like to choose?

The app might help you with beautification

For an exciting image sometimes you may take help with different apps. If you search through the internet you may have found different photo editing apps in Google play store or I Store. Download them and try to reduce the blemishing effect from your image. Here I am giving you some lists where you can find your favorite apps
1. Facetune
2. Imoji
3. Perfect365
4. Lensical
5. Frontback
6. Airbrush
7. Bonfire
8. Cupslice
9. Photo Director
10. Photo Lab



I believe these apps will help you to get some fascinating images. So if you are experiencing some problem with the background, color or poses don’t be the worry. Use your desired app and do the change within the image.

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Final few words

I believe you have already got the answer to this question “how to take a selfie?” Now you need to follow these tips and take a great selfie like a supermodel. Stay with know us & comment below. We like to hear from you. Thanks a lot.

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