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How To Retouch Jewelry Images in Photoshop?


When you are selling online and want your customers always to see your images with the most attraction, you would have to focus on editing images. Product images need to be edited in a way that they can attract and please most of the consumer base.

The same goes for jewelry items. Many jewelry sellers always process their product images with jewelry retouching services.

This helps them sharpen the looks of the jewelry items and make them look a lot closer to their daily lives.

Jewelry photo retouching is the main solution for all jewelry selling businesses to stand apart from the competition in the market. The industry greatly relies on visuals and product images.

So if you wish to make your jewelry items stand out for the crowd, you will have to edit them and make them look the finest.

But how can you edit your jewelry items so that they can improve in look and whole texture? The following few simple steps will help you learn all about jewelry retouching services. Through these steps, you will be able to edit your images by yourself and get the best outcome.

How Can I Edit My Jewelry Images Using Photoshop?

The following given steps will give you a very clear idea of how you can edit your jewelry images and make them look just the best.

  1. Open image:

Pick the ideal shots of your jewelry items and open them in photoshop. Photos that are shot under normal light might appear dim, bland, and less shiny hence you should avoid such images. Skip to those that are in good lighting.

Open image

  1. Search Curves:

You can Navigate to ‘picture > adjustments > curves’ from here. It would help if you first enhanced the lighting exposure of your images by grabbing the upper part of the lines you see. Move the upper part a lot more towards the top.

Search Curves

  1. Open lasso tool:

No click on the Polygonal Lasso tool, though you can choose other tools too. This one works the finest mostly. Now move the lasso tool across the background for cutting the image and then press Ctrl+J on the keyboard.

Open pen tool

  1. Change Background:

Now create a whole new fresh layer and then get it filled with the shade of your own choice. Get this layer moved under the item’s layer that you have just cut in the previous step. Now double click on the same. The gradient background shade which has to be set should vary in between white to light gray.

  1. Select the item again:

Now select your items again. If its shade is silver, then the saturation must be lowered more. Navigate to ‘picture > adjustments > saturation and hue’ to get this done.

  1. Select the item again
  2. Make item brighter:

Now, as you have set the saturation of your item, you can move towards the brightness factor. Navigate again to the curves section. Move the curves in the upward direction to help make the item more bright.


Make item brighter


  1. Sharpen the image:

Now navigate to ‘Filter > sharpen > little sharpen’. Clicking the same will lead to a lot more sharpened and fine image. The filigree and rest of the details will also become a lot clear, and the look will get enhanced.


Sharpen the image



  1. Create shadows:

Now create a whole new layer. Go to the brush tool and then choose the gray shading. Make a dot anywhere near the image. Navigate to ‘edit > transform > fatten for scaling the brushed dot’ now, place the dot under your jewelry image and then reduce its capacity to match it accordingly.

This way, you will be able to retouch any part of the jewelry item and eliminate any spots, scratches, dust particles, etc.

These are the steps in which you can edit your jewelry item images and allow yourself be able to grab more of the attention from your audience. People often search for products that they are willing to buy online. And if the product images appeal to them, they proceeded with the purchase. But if they don’t like the images of the products they will move ahead and won’t buy anything from you. This is why you should be able to edit your images in a way that they can attract your consumers and you will be able to make sales.


Create shadows

The more attention you give to these factors of your online jewelry selling business, the more you will prosper and gather attention and love. Jewelry retouching services can be done by oneself or can easily be hired from companies that offer them. You can have services from a company, from freelancers, or have people on board starting off their career. You must pick the services that you think will benefit you and not make your business go downside any way you go for it.

Image editing can escalate your business, and you can observe how much attention you will get from your consumers once you know how to make your images look appealing and pleasing. If you have only a few images that you want to edit, you can hire freelancers who are good at their work.

But if you are working with bulk images, then hiring a single person may cost you a lot. Getting a company outsourced for this will help you get rid of the hassle of keeping an eye on the photo editing process. The jewelry retouching services will allow you to easily keep an eye on the way your jewelry appears in the images as these are professionals who know how to do their job well.

You will simply hand over your images to them and trust the process to get you the best results. This way, you will focus on more important things of your business that actively need you to control everything.

Meta Description:

The same goes for jewelry items. Many jewelry sellers always process their product images with jewelry retouching services. This helps them sharpen the looks of the jewelry items and make them look a lot closer to their daily lives.


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