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How to make an image transparent background by photoshop

Making a transparent background means just removing the background and making the lead photo portable. You can move the lead photo at any corner of the frame when we made a transparent background. you can add or put any background their that background reveals the best reflection of your thought. You can add any background that goes very well with your thinking, that discloses your business motto very nicely. So it’s very important making an image transparent for making an eye-catchy and contextual look for reaching your business out worldwide. Image transparent background process.

how to make an image transparent background by photoshop

Is it the primary step of starting editing?

Yeah, we can name it as the ABC step of editing. We can have any kind of order like ghost mannequins, color correction, retouching services but whatever we get the demand of transparent background. The demand for background removal is the common order that clients ask for. And the most important thing here before doing color correction and other parts of editing editors feel to replace the lead product at any corner of the frame. So it’s the kinda primary step of all editing. Image transparent background or remove background process. 

We are doing this work by following five steps:

1.creating   a layered file is the first step here 

2.then we do selection 

3.after that we delete the background.

4.image saving 

5.and finally file saving.

Step 1:

At first, we need to open the photo in photoshop and probably it will be in jpg format. We can choose anything we want here. Then we will select layers from the window and then need to double click on the background layer. Then we will rename it and will click ok. Now it already unlocked. Anything we wanna delete from it we will delete it and it will be a transparent background.

how to make an image transparent background by photoshop

Step 2:

Here we select the pen tool from the toolbar. Then we click on the select subject from the tools bar at the left of the screen. Then we draw a path line around the selected product. Then we press control and at the same time click on the path. The portion has already been selected.

Step 3:

Now it’s time to delete our background. Here we press control +alter+d for bringing the feather box. For having a smooth line we select feather 0.3 and then we press control +j and relinquish the background and 80% of the work been done image transparent background.

Step 4:

Preparing a transparent background is just the primary step. We need to save it in the correct format. The best image formate is here PNG. This format allows for multiple layers of transparency. It means the image will never be a pixelated “halo” when placed on different color background. PNG  and GIF can create undesirable halo effects so using PNG would bring the expected and appealing image that we are looking for.

how to make an image transparent background by photoshop

Step 5:

After fixing the size to the proper dimensions we click export all. In the saving dialog box, we need to choose the folder where we wanna keep our web-ready product images. It’s a  smart decision to separate the optimized image from the real image for avoiding confusion while uploading. Make sure the file image is in PNG format and click save for having the final result.

Actually, it’s one of the processes. It’s not the fixed process we follow. Our designer applies different techniques to a different picture. Whatever they feel for any photo they choose a contextual tool and technique for that picture. All the time the working process wouldn’t be the same. We will keep uploading different work process that we apply for creating a transparent background to our websites.

So creating a transparent background for our image is the basic need for an image. We can’t avoid it or replace it with any other services and we also can’t start other portions of editing without making the lead product portable. So a neat and smooth transparent background is healthy food for a photo that needs to be edited.

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