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Grow your eCommerce business by doing perfect product photo editing

Doing product photography for eCommerce is the most important element of carrying on online business. In short, your product photographs are the only and the main thing that will let your potential customers know what they are getting, and without these, the conversion may be impossible. perfect product photo editing tips.

Why is that?

Because when they are of high quality. They play an important role in boosting traffic campaigns and all other platforms, keeping the traffic engaged on your home page and on product pages. This ultimately helps you convert `traffic into sales. Quality photos will grab all of your potential shoppers’ attention, establish the brand feel, and instill trust in them. Perfect product photo editing and image editing service tutorials.

Grow your eCommerce business by doing perfect product photo editing


And it isn’t only about product photos that you take. The optimization of these photos across each platform and photo clipping path service provider channel plays an important role in sales success and branding.

Product photography done for eCommerce falls in the following main categories.

  • Product only photography
  • Lifestyle/contextual product photos
  • Social media product photos
  • P-PC campaign product photos
  • Website homepage and product photo categories

Yet, despite the importance of product photography for eCommerce and their optimization, hence many established sellers aren’t still getting it right. This implies that even if you are a well-established store owner, eCommerce product photography guide for you. Following is the full list of sections that you need to know about when you’re doing eCommerce product photography.

  • Choose from top product photo types needed to run a successful online store
  • Create a product photography style guide
  • Must know the DIY photography tips
  • Editing and saving photos from the web
  • optimizing your photos for SEO
  • how to make the product photos the stars of the product pages you have

Step 1: Choose from the top  types of product photography required to run online stores successfully

Before you plan the product photo strategies and the shoots, you must know what type of eCommerce product photography that you will need to start and build your online store successfully. Here are the main types of product photography categories and the image shooting and editing needs that you must consider:

  1. product only photography
  2. lifestyle contextual product photos
  3. social media product photography for eCommerce
  4. product photos for digital campaigns
  5. website homepage and category product photos

Step 2: Create the product photography style guide

Before you have the product photography mode, you have to have a clear plan. This is where the photography for an eCommerce style guide will always come in handy. Whether you are doing the photography of your products by yourself or outsourcing for an eCommerce photographer, the style guide will let you see the standards for the product photos and keep them consistent. This includes anything from the camera settings to editing the specs and the product’s distance from the camera lens. Best Perfect product photo editing tips and tricks.

Grow your eCommerce business by doing perfect product photo editing

In short, the product photography style guide will act as a template for all of the product photos to make sure they match in editing, feel and look. And why is this important? Because all of the eCommerce vibe comes from the product photos you have in your store. The template will also streamline the product photography process and make it faster and a lot more efficient.

Step 3: Must know DIY product photography

DIY photography always includes certain tips and tricks that will let you consistently capture your pictures and use the proven methods to achieve the best results. Following are a few tips you should look out for.

  1. Use a tripod
  2. Pick the right camera
  3. Know your lighting
  4. Vary your angles
  5. Editing and saving your
  6. Optimize your product photos for SEO
Step 4: Editing and saving the product phots for the web

The next step in mastering your product photography for eCommerce is the way you edit your photos. Post-processing is a very important step in making sure your photos are just perfect. This includes background editing, color correction, shadowing, and more. To do this, you will have to choose the photo editing software. Here are a few top product photo editing tools:

  • Canva
  • Fotor
  • Gimp
  • Lightroom
  • Snapseed
  • Photoshop

Step 5: Optimize your product photos for SEO

Grow your eCommerce business by doing perfect product photo editing

Another very important step when the topic is about product photography done for eCommerce is image SEO optimization. You wish to save the photos and make sure that you are not harming the load times but also have a better chance of a conversion. To optimize the product photos for better SEO, you will have to have the following:

  1. Correctly Naming Images

2. Minify Your Images

3. Add Alt Text to Every Product Photo

4. Test, Test, Test

Step 6: How to make product photos the stars of the product pages you have

The last most important step of winning the world of eCommerce product photography is to make sure that the product pages do the best for you, not against you. This means that having product pages that make your products the stars of your product pages. Of course, you want to make sure that your product pages are fully optimized for the best success. Perfect product photo editing for your ecommerce.

Every product page must have the title and the overview, the featured image of products, the selection of different product photos which highlight many different angles or the features, product description, the reviews and ratings, the buy button which grabs attention, and the links to all of the related products and rest of the info.

When it comes to the optimization of your product pages to ensure your products pop, here are a few must-dos:
  • Optimize the product copy to make sure it speaks to bots and humans
  • Use the most impactful product photos and also make sure they are fully optimized
  • Make all of the pages uniforms and optimized for more conversions

So are you ready to be the best at eCommerce product photography?

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