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Ecommerce image editing service for amazon, eBay, Etsy, product seller

Ecommerce product photo editing service

Ecommerce image editing service is a term that has gained a lot of importance over the last few years. Gone are the days when business advertisements used to feature a three-line slogan or tagline telling about the product. This is the digital era – and the era of pictures and images. An image tells a thousand words and paints a clear picture of the product in the minds of customers.

The main aim of the eCommerce image editing service is to improve the brand image of the company as well as to improve the brand image of a product.

 Importance of e-commerce photo editing service!

  • Building a brand by creating brand awareness or awareness about a product.
  • Elevating the sales of a company by increased visibility for a brand or a product.
  • Spreading the right message to the people using a lot of customization tools.
  • Improved credibility of a company towards its target market and the products offered.


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Ecommerce image editing service for Amazon

The eCommerce image editing services for Amazon focus on specific criteria that need to be fulfilled. Because eCommerce platforms like Amazon depend on images a lot for their business. Thus, photos need edit as per site rules.

  • It should be the actual image of the product intens to sell rather than anything else.
  • Illustrations are not acceptable in place of drawings
  • The image, edited and selected for Amazon, should be photographed and shouldn’t be scanned or anything
  • The image must be single-handedly captured in the same frame without any other objects in focus.
  • Offensive and controversial objects not allows.
  • The image editing service only accepts and considers photographs with a pure white background.
  • Texts and other content are not allowed together with the image in the same frame.

Ecommerce product photo editing service

Ecommerce image editing service for eBay

This service focuses on three components that play a crucial role for all the products showcased on eBay

  • Every image of each product needs to make at least 500 Pixels in general and 800 pixels if any zooming effect requres on the photos.
  • The images found on eBay don’t allow texts or any graphics. They just allow the photographs to focus on.
  • Watermarks only allow on the images, but they should cover more than 5% of the frame.
  • The visibility of the watermark no to increase by more than 50%.


Ecommerce image editing service for Etsy

Image editing services in Etsy follow some strict guidelines, and only then it may select with the website.

  • While Etsy requires all the files only to be in JPG, PNG, or GIF format for acceptance. It doesn’t allow even the slightest variations like animated GIFs or transparent PNG images.
  • Image sizes of only 2000 pixels allow. Larger images increasing 1 Mb size not allow.
  • If it’s a company logo, the size of only 170 * 100 pixels allows.
  • Images that offer maximum compression is prefer when it comes to Etsy.
  • The first view of any product should be in landscape mode or square in shape to allow proper thumbnails to appear.



Ecommerce image editing service for the product seller

For any image, to suit the needs of the site and the product seller, image mapping and cropping require to satisfy the criteria of the product website.

  • The borders of the product, while cropping, need to clearly define to suit the needs of the host website.
  • The products need to show in the most favorable light.
  • The products need to mask well with proper transparency and graphics to look as authentic as the real product.
  • The images need to color correct and edit as per the website criteria.

Product images play a very pivotal role in promoting and structuring the model of a business. Photo editing service is imperative these days as they focus on editing the image in such a way that the visual message reaches thousands of people. So, if you are running an e-commerce business, now you know how to go about Product image editing. Find the best service provider and rule the internet.

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