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Details about Adobe Photoshop CC Tools



Through the following article, you will learn all about Adobe Photoshop CC tools and the toolbar. You will learn how you can organize the toolbar and how you can access its hidden tools. The Toolbar in Photoshop is where there are many tools that you can work with. There are a few tools for making selections, retouching images, and cropping so that you add shapes and types and a lot more. Adobe Photoshop CC tutorials.

We will first start looking at the photoshop CC tools, i.e. The toolbar itself, which includes how the toolbar is organized and how it can access the most hidden tools. Then we will look at each toolbar’s tool with a quick summary of what every tool for using.

A few tools may not be available if you are using the older versions of Photoshop.

  1. The Photoshop Toolbar

The Photoshop toolbar is there on the left side of the screen. You can choose to have a single or double column toolbar. The toolbar shows as a long and single column by default in Adobe Photoshop CC. Make it into a shorter and a double-column by clicking on those double arrows on the top. Click on the double arrows once again to return to the single-column toolbar.



  1. The Tools Layout

Now let us have a look at how the Photoshop toolbar is organized. It seems like the tools are listed randomly, there is a logical order in it that is related to tools grouped. On the top, we have Photoshop’s Move and Selection tools. And directly under them are the Crop and Slice tools.

The-Tools-Layout 2

Under them are the Measurement tools that are followed by the many Retouching and Painting tools. Next are the Drawing and Type tools. And at the end, we have the Navigation tools on the bottom.

  1. The Hidden Tools In The Toolbar

An icon shows each tool present in the toolbar, and many such tools are not even visible at first. A small arrow present in the bottom right of the tool icon, and that there is a lot more than you can do with the same tool. To view these additional tools, click and then hold over the icon. Or right-click on this icon.

The Hidden Tools In The Toolbar-Adobe Photoshop CC


A flyout menu will then show, which will list down the rest of the available tools. For example, if you click and hold on the Rectangular Marquee Tool icon, the flyout menu will tell you that along with that tool is the Elliptical Marquee Tool, the Single Row Marquee Tool, and then the Single Column Marquee Tool is there as well in it.

  1. The Default Tool

The tool that is initially shown in every spot in this toolbar is called the default tool. For example, the Rectangular Marquee Tool is the default tool for the second position from the top. But the Photoshop list won’t always show the default tool.

Instead, it may display the last tool which you selected.


Notice that after choosing the Elliptical Marquee Tool from the flyout menu, the Rectangular Marquee Tool isn’t displayed in the toolbar anymore.

The Elliptical Marquee Tool has now taken its place. To select the Rectangular Marquee Tool on this point, you would have to right-click and hold or then right-click on the Elliptical Marquee Tool Icon. Then you will select the Rectangular Marquee Tool from the menu. Adobe Photoshop CC software.

  1. Rest Of The Tools In A Summary

Now that you have learned how the Photoshop toolbar is organized let us look at the tools themselves. Below is a quick summary of each of Photoshop’s tools. Along with a brief description of every tool used for this purpose. The tools are then listed in order from top to bottom, and the specific tools are now covered in a lot more detail in other lessons.

Rest Of The Tools In A Summary


Move and Selection tools:

Move Tool: V

The Move Tool is now using to move layers, selections, and guides in the Photoshop document. Enable ‘Auto Select ‘to automatically select the layer or a group that you click on. Adobe Photoshop CC.

Move-Tool-V-Adobe Photoshop CC


Artboard Tool: V

The Artboard Tool allows you to design many we or UX layouts for different screen sizes and devices.



Rectangular Marquee Tool: M

The Rectangular Marquee Tool draws many rectangular selection outlines. Press and then hold Shift down as you drag to draw the square selection.



Elliptical Marquee Tool: M

The Elliptical Marquee Tool then draws the elliptical selection outlines. Press and then hold Shift down to draw the selection in a perfect circle. Adobe Photoshop CC



Single Row Marquee Tool:

The Single Row Marquee Tool present in Photoshop selects the single row of the pixels in an image from left to right.



Single Column Marquee Tool:

Use the Single Column Marquee Tool to select the single column of pixels from top to bottom.

Single-Column-Marquee-Tool-Adobe Photoshop CC


Lasso Tool: L

Using Lasso Tool, you can draw the freeform selection outline on an object



Polygonal Lasso Tool:

Click around the object with Polygonal Lasso Tool to surround it using the polygonal straight-edged selection outline.



Magnetic Lasso Tool: L

The Magnetic Lasso Tool then snaps the selection outline to an edge of the object as you will move your mouse cursor around it.



Object Selection Tool:

The Object Selection Tool allows you to select an object only by dragging a rough selection outline on it.

Adobe Photoshop CC-3


Quick selection tool:

The Quick Selection Tool allows you to easily select any object by simply painting over it using a brush. Enable the Auto Enhance in the Options bar for having better quality selections.

Adobe Photoshop CC-2

Magic Wand Tool:

This tool selects the areas of a similar color range only with a single click. The Tolerance value present in the Options Bar sets the range of colors that will use.

These are a few photoshop CC tools that you can bring into use and create masterpieces through them.

Adobe Photoshop CC-1


Meta Description:

Through the following article, you will learn all about Adobe Photoshop CC tools and the toolbar. You will learn how you can organize the toolbar and how you can access its hidden tools.

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