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What type of Photoshop Clipping path Service is suitable for your Business?

clipping path business

What type of Photoshop Clipping path Service is suitable for your Business?


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Adobe Photoshop has widely used image editing software around the globe. Now, people who are involved in this Photography profession like graphic designers, Photographers, animators have used this software frequently almost every day. This amazing software has a huge number of tools and advanced mood options. The Photoshop pen tool is one of them. Clipping path work is mostly done by the Photoshop pen tool. Day by day the number of an E-commerce website is increasing so the necessity of image editing is getting high. So, the clipping path business is becoming popular in case of necessity.

Now, let me describe what is clipping path and how the clipping path business is getting popular day by day.

What is a clipping path?

Normally we know that the clipping path is an image editing technique that is done by Adobe Photoshop pen tool. Photoshop pen tool is used to cut out, remove, or replace the background of your desired image. If we describe the process in detail then the clipping path is a closed vector path that is normally used to cut a 2D image in editing software. Now, anything inside the path is included after the clipping path is applied.


Now let me describe the sectors of clipping path business what we should take care of:

Basic clipping path


simple clipping path service


Normally basic clipping path or single clipping path means that we draw only one path of your image. We call it the first segment of clipping path service. The basic clipping path is only for solid items. We will give you some examples of basic clipping path work. Then our designers will make the basic simple path item for you. Now you should easily take photos of your image and our designers will remove the background from those Photos.

Compound Clipping Path


compound clipping path service


The compound clipping path is formally known as multiple paths. When we will do more than one path for an image then we call it a compound clipping path. Do you need a compound clipping path service from us? Just mail us at [email protected] Normally we create 3 to 5 paths for your images. It takes a long time to complete clipping work. For compound clipping path work we charge near about $2 to $6. It actually depends on the image. If your image needs more paths then it will cost a little bit high.

Pricing and Timing:

Normally, our pricing rate depends on how many paths we will create for you. For the compound clipping path, our pricing starts from $2. We have a team of skilled designers and they will complete your images within 12 to 16 minutes.

Complex Clipping Path Service


Clipping Path business


From our long experience, we see that a complex clipping path has more than 50 paths. We need time to make maximum paths. Clipping path Graphics will always provide you the handmade path we never like any kind of software-based clipping path. We never use any software or quick selection tool. This clipping path process needs more time than other clipping path work.

Example: Jewellery products, cycle, locket, earrings, tree, flowers, animals and so many.

Pricing and time:

Our complex clipping path service is starting from $5.00. Again the pricing depends on how many paths you need to complete your image. Our professional team will take normally 30 to 40 minutes to prepare one complex clipping path.

Super Complex Clipping Path


clipping path business

It is the last step of our clipping path service. Normally it takes a little bit more time than others. On average, it needs 100 paths to complete any single image. It is really a passionate job to make this path on your image.

Although it is a quite hard task for you to cut out the background from the images our professionals can do it easily. They follow the actual steps to complete your tasks on time. In recent years clipping path graphics has achieved a huge reputation in the field of super complex path work.

Example: Drop of water, juice, or soft drinks, etc.

Timing and price in details

For a super complex clipping path work clipping path graphics, designers take more than 1 hour. We start the range of super complex clipping path work to $7. 00. It could change if the image takes a relatively short time & path.

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Clipping Path Business

If you would like to invest in the clipping path business then you need to understand the price and clipping services very well as it is really needed for this service. Here I have shared some of my knowledge regarding the clipping path business. To learn more please stay with us & have a great time!!

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