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Most a times when we have something in our possession we don’t like what comes to mind is how to make it look better ,how to make a change to it. Car image editing services also take the advantage of commercial look in car selling company.

Same thing applies to our cars . One might own a range rover, ford ranger, may be a green Ferrari but wanted the Ferrari to be black in color and the only way that is possible without visiting the workshop is going the change on Photoshop. Retouching the car to suite your own taste, either changing the rim of the car, the bumper, the headlight or any body part you please.

Car retouching is an important skill and a must know how for any car engineer and any automobile photography right from the editing,playing around the colors, gradients and finally removing the background. The discussion of today will center on the following

How to retouch cars in Photoshop
How to remove and change background in Photoshop.

HOW TO RETOUCH CARS: Car retouching in Photoshop means a lot, it can be changing of the colours of the car either by using different techniques or painting over it with a brush what is called airbrushing in graphic design terms, masking or colour change in entity, or change in the color pattern, or the windscreen, exhaust pipe e.t.c. All is possible using a particular technique and mastery tools.

To retouch cars in Photoshop you can make use of filters like the clouds, fibers, lens flare and lighting effects to add lighting effects on the car head lamps.

Secondly you can retouch and effect changes to your car colour using the IMAGE TAB found at the top of your Adobe Photoshop app. select from each that pleases you like auto, auto contrast, and auto colour.

In other hand the IMAGE TAB TECHNIQUE can be useful in retouching cars. To do this, click on the image tab, and then move your mouse pointer off to adjustment a flow out menu will show, then select from any option you want to work with like curves, exposure, hue, invert, colour balance, gradient, select colour, shadows and highlights and the list goes on. I will personally advice you go for the curves and adjust the levels to suite your need.

Another great tool for retouching cars is the light brush. Select the light brush, reduce the opacity and select the colour as white as you paint over the image. The results will amaze you.


Most times when we have images of cars what we want to do is put the background that is breath taking. All these are possible only if you have the right technique. There are numerous techniques of removing the backgrounds of cars. They include the marque tool method the Pen tool method, the lasso tool method, the eraser toll method and the magic want toll method.

All are nice and good techniques which give great results, but I find it necessary to share what some other above listed methods lack so you know the difference between then and which to follow.


Lasso Tool: The Lasso Tool – Doesn’t allow you to make smooth, rounded edges around objects.

Eraser Tool: The Eraser Tool – Features some of the same disadvantages of the Lasso Tool, but also isn’t suited for cutting out objects with clear or contrasting borders.

Magic Wand Tool: The Magic Wand – Its effectiveness is very much tied to color. Because of this, it’s not very good at cutting an object out from a background that contains different colors or shades of colors

Having read all the tools and their shortcoming I introduce to you the best tool used in removing car backgrounds, the PEN TOOL. Why the pen tool? The pen tool gives you all the freedom you need to trace around the image as you want, with pen tool you can cut out tiny parts in the car which other tools will find it difficult to do.

Assuming you are already conversant with the pen tool, simply head over to the tools bar in any version of Adobe Photoshop you have and follow the below steps:

Step one: Load on the image of the car you have by typing CTRL + O

Step two: Click on the pen tool or type the letter P on your keyboard.

Step Three: Trace around the car, trace carefully so as not cut any part of the car out .Keep tracing till the lines get to the point where you began the tracing.

Step four: At the point the lines joined simply right click and click on make selection and click on okay.

Step five: press and hold SHIFT + CRL + I and use the eraser tool to clean off the selected area.

Step six: At this point the background is empty, import any background you wish to use. Make sure the imported image is below the car image layer.

Conclusion: Car retouching and background removal is very easy task only when you have the best tools and techniques at your disposal. As discussed earlier the pen tool is the best of them all ,have fun as you put to practice what you have learnt.

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