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Best Product Picture Recommendations Retouching Services for your Amazon Business

Amazon Product Photography Guide for E-commerce Brands 

Photos express more information than text 

You can see an image of a woman carrying a vase full of flowers, and within a fraction of a second, you know: 

  • How deep the vase is 
  • What kind of flowers would look pretty in a vase? 
  • The demographic goal of the vase 
  • Color The Color 
  • The calculation of how heavy it is (based on how the model is holding it) 

Amazon mobile app is optimized for images

As of 2019, smartphone shopping accounts for nearly half of all e-commerce revenues. These small screens make the best clipping path service reading more difficult since the text is smaller and more scrolling is required to get across large blocks of text. Recommendations Retouching Services to make the image more perfect.

Best Product Picture Recommendations Retouching Services for your Amazon Business

Amazon also shortens a variety of text fields on handheld devices that appear in their full form on the desktop. Bullet points sometimes display only the first two and then compel users to press a button to see the others. Same for the names and explanations. 

But photos are often much smaller on the smartphone, so it’s necessary to crop up close automotive background enough to see the product benefit featured, and the text with the logos is big enough to be clearly read on a mobile phone. Please see the example below. 

 Most shoppers have scarcely read the text 

Although there is no way to collect statistics about what number of shoppers do not read the text at all, we know that this is true of the amount of derogatory feedback that surface for reasons that have been explicitly expressed in the text parts of the product website. 

A typical example is attachments for smartphones that suit only those models. Sellers of these products almost always say explicitly in bullet points and titles that their accessories are only compatible with unique smartphones. But despite having a warning in their top bullet point in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS, consumers end up purchasing it and only leave a 1-star rating because “it doesn’t fit my phone.” 

The easiest way to get around this is to have a dedicated image as your second image that explicitly illustrates this with some big, easily readable text. And shoppers who do not read the text parts can see the valuable message in this manner. Here is an example of this: 

Best Product Picture Recommendations Retouching Services for your Amazon Business


How to make high-volume Amazon product photography 

Now it’s time to learn just how to create images that turn shoppers into customers. 

These strategies have been built from my experience of developing more than 1,300 listings for our customers at Kenji ROI over the past four years. For each of these ventures, we have used Clipping Path Indian Ghost Mannequin, Clipping Path, and Color Swap Services. 

Save time and get back to the job you enjoy with outsourced photo editing services. 

Build a list of shots focused on analysis and benefits 

A significant and frequently missed move is to draw up your shot list of key details and benefits for your product. If you just send your product to a photographer and ask them to take some nice photos, they might miss the direction they need to show the features that customers care about and want to see as they buy online. Recommendations Retouching Services with best tips. 

Images need to convey key product advantages and facts to shoppers—looking amazing is secondary. This takes a lot of in-depth consumer analysis to determine just what needs to be highlighted in the photographs so that you can make sure that you display each of these items in at least one shot. 

An example of again for a series of plastic cups may be “multiple-use,” and you can clearly demonstrate it with a picture like this. 


Keyword optimization 

You need to use the right keywords on your page so that Amazon knows what your product is and what important searches your product wants to turn up for. Not many vendors know this, but you can put essential keywords in your image file names and metadata to help you optimize your images for keywords. File renaming is easy; just right-click the file to rename it, and call it whatever keyword you want ex. “Kitchen spatula.jpg.” 

Image metadata is trickier than that. Here’s a Medium post on how to do this on Mac. 

Optimization of essential information 

This is the single most crucial aspect of making fantastic pictures, recognizing the most important things clients need to see in order to make a deal, and produce images that clearly display this information. 

Here’s a simple process you can follow to ensure you’re doing this effectively:

  1. Conduct a lot of user analysis on Amazon’s competitor ratings, the advantages of other retailers, and community forums. Record, want, and hate possible product benefits in a catalog. 
  2. Cross-references everything on the list with what consumers really feel about the product. Check for patterns in the study on what clients most commonly want and don’t like. 
  3. Discard any advantages that don’t show up much; highlighting them will only divert consumers from the benefits that matter to them. 

Refine your list to no more than seven perks, then craft your photoshoot list around them. How do you display each profit of a picture the most easily? We’re going to dig into the types of images and what each form better shows in the next segment. 

Persuasive optimization of appetite 

Persuasive desire optimization uses sales copywriting to bridge the product from the present painful condition of your client to an improved future situation. Recommendations Retouching Services analyze and tutorials. 

People are buying for two reasons: 

  1. To stop the discomfort 
  2. To make super quick gains 

Writing a good sales copy is an ability that takes a lot of preparation, education. And practice to learn, but the general principles are easy and can improve the conversion rates. 

Include the three primary categories of photographs 

If you’re curious how many pictures you can place on your listing, I’m always asking you to use all the available slots! There are seven available icons and two more if you click the +2 button to display all images. Emphasis on the first seven, but certainly use all nine as long as you don’t upload low-quality images just to fill them out. 

Products in white background 

You are not permitted to have icons, text, or anything but a product in this illustration. If the backdrop is not pure white, it may appear bad on Amazon’s white background websites and could also be refused by the site. The best way to ensure that your background is pure white is to delete the background clipping path and apply a pure white background to the shot. Top Recommendations Retouching Services are arranged here in Clipping path graphics. 

What’s the cheapest way to put a white background product? 

Lifestyle photographs containing trends 

Best Product Picture Recommendations Retouching Services for your Amazon Business

Showing actual human engagement with your product is one of the most successful ways to demonstrate your product in reality. In reality, more than half of the top fashion websites feature people in their product shots. Great Recommendations Retouching Services for editing tips.    

It’s better for shoppers to visualize how the idea blends into their own lives. You may also use the templates to evoke emotions with your pictures. If the product is bachelorette party supplies. You have pictures of a real party in motion with a lot of ladies who look like they’re enjoying a great time. Engaging with each other, shoppers may want to build the same atmosphere about their own experience of the items. 

It’s probably better to use a model that suits the demographics of the client. If any of your clients are 25–35-year-old ladies, don’t use a guy in his forties to take pictures. 

You’re still going to want to display a product benefit in any graphic. Lifestyle photos are better where the model is literally in the process of receiving the main product value to evoke the full empathy of prospective consumers and to make as clear as possible what the product does. 

Some aspects of the advantages are difficult to express in any manner other than text or graphics. Showing the scale of the object, with certain lines. As well as the actual dimensions are written on the image. This is important for most products. This means that consumers would not be disappointed. When they acquire the item they thought was larger or smaller. 

The most common mistake with infographics is to add too much detail. Holding text wide is vital for viewing on mobile phones. But it also restricts the amount of content that can be compressed into one image. You don’t want to overwhelm prospective clients. Adding icons and simple graphic elements that complement your logo colors and theme also helps your brand look of better quality. 

Create a consumer journey by ordering photos efficiently 

Going back to key data optimization, it’s important to order the photos so that the most important information comes first. The top three most important things. That the consumer wants to know about your product should be seen in pictures #2, #3, and 4 (image #1 must always be the key white background image). 

If you’re not super intentional with the order of the graphic. The one image that really promotes your product can never see the light of day. Each time someone scrolls to the next image, fewer people see it, meaning that the second and third image slots must be filled with the very best images that convey the most relevant detail. 

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