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Best Photoshop Ghost Mannequin Effect Ideas



People who own an online clothing shop mostly use a live model or a mannequin to photograph their products. Compared to the live models, mannequins end up being more cost-effective and efficient. It is mostly referred to as ghost mannequin photography. As the final photos don’t show the mannequin and best photoshop Ghost Mannequin service.

The tricky thing in this is that with the ghost mannequin effect. Clothes are shown having a 3D or a hollow man effect. This is a smart way of showing the customers how the products will appear when they are worn. Although there are suggested steps in doing the ghost mannequin photoshoot, there is no single particular way of creating the 3D effect. The techniques may vary according to the kind of clothing that is being photographed. Certain accessories such as jewelry also utilize the same technique to get a similar effect.

How can you use photoshop to get the Ghost mannequin effect?

Before starting the editing, you must make sure that you have captured the photos of your clothes perfectly, i.e., in proper lighting and everything else that comes into action in this process. After that, you can start editing your images in Photoshop and make the best photoshop Ghost Mannequin services.

  1. Open the Image File in Photoshop

Firstly, you have to crop the image so that you can have the most minimum background, which may be visible from the backside of the product. Using the Crop Tool is the easiest way of doing this. select the Crop Tool from the toolbar now placed at the left side of the Photoshop window screen. Now create a layer by pressing on Ctrl+J.



  1. Start selecting the edges using a photoshop pen tool

Now you have to start cutting off the mannequin and also the background from your product. It will help if you pick the Pen Tool for clipping path from the toolbar to finish this step.

edges using a photoshop pen tool


  1. Now begin at the Collar line

Start from your upper part of the collar from where the mannequin’s neck begins and continue going down until the mannequin neckline arrives. Do this slowly and very efficiently so that you get your way along the collar line.

  1. Collar-line


  1. Selecting the rest of the cloth very carefully

After you complete step 4, you can continue the same product for the mannequin legs and fully regenerating a path to the next part connecting it when you see a complete O sign.


Selecting the rest of the cloth


  1. Inverse Selection

Now to create a palette path, press and hold the Control key, choose the path’s inverse selection, and then delete the image’s background.

inverse-selection-Best Photoshop Ghost Mannequin


  1. Open the inner side of the photo

The next step is to open the inner part of the side of the product to crop off the collar area as well.


Open the inner side


  1. Combining both the images

Now you can move to the inner portion of the cropped part in front of the first image of this product and press Ctrl+A+C+V together.


Combining both the images


  1. Positioning the Layer

At this point, end the new layer under the first one of the product’s front side. Here it may help if you decide on how much product you need after you are confident that the replacement was proper and adequate.

Positioning-the-Layer-Best Photoshop Ghost Mannequin


Choose the pen tool, and cut through the portion you have implanted from the top side of the collar, and throw away the additional clothing.

  1. Fine-tune

Now you have almost reached the result. Fine-tune is needed in this process. To completely soften the uncut area, pick the eraser tool. Also, you may add the shadow to give a more realistic look. You may do many things by using Photoshop, such as the Ghost mannequin effect and the photo manipulation, etc.




  1. Finishing up

You may use the brush size 25 to append the darker shades over the downside collar so that it looks a lot more natural. Photoshop tools let you do anything you want with the images to reach your expectations in an ideal way.

Finishing up-Best Photoshop Ghost Mannequin

This effect can help you get rid of the expense needed in hiring models. You may save your effort and time. Most people like having a mannequin set for capturing their clothes and accessories. This allows them to have better images of their products without putting in that much effort and time. You can hire models as well, but that will be expensive, and Photoshop is free.

Ghost Mannequin is being sued as a very popular editing process in which you don’t have to spend a lot of money on hiring editors and other people to make the images look their very best. You only have to go through the steps mentioned above and use them as a very fine way to complete the look of your images and products.

When you don’t want your mannequin to be apparent in your product images, you can eliminate it. We will remove the mannequin from your clothing item images through our ghost mannequin editing.
you will be left with the products having a ghost mannequin in them.

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