How to change brush color in Photoshop?

Do you want to know How to change brush color in Photoshop? Then, keep reading the article from first to last. Adding some elements to your project is easy with Photoshop’s brush tool. The possibilities for your creativity will be constrained if you don’t know how to change the color. Fortunately, changing the color of

How To Use Vanishing Point In Photoshop 2022

You can work on an image’s perspective more efficiently in Adobe Photoshop. And I am not talking about the Transform tool, which somewhat does that. But today, we will know how to use vanishing point in photoshop 2022.  Yes, you can use a vanishing point filter to do the perspective editing, and it’s better than

Professional Outdoor Photography Poses For Female

Getting some fantastic professional outdoor photography poses for females would be one of the dream photoshoots that photographers look for. Yes, as a professional photographer myself, I know how important it is to get the best frames with some great poses. It made me hard to find the sweet spot for those perfect poses for

How To Make A Rectangle A certain Size In Photoshop

If you are aiming to start your career in graphic design, this article will help you take a step forward. By creating different shapes in photoshop, you can make unique graphical designs. So today, we will learn how to make a certain size rectangle in photoshop. You can make any shape you want in photoshop,

How To Fix An Overexposed Photo In Photoshop?

Overexposed photos are a curse for photographers and their hard work because it is tough to find out this issue until you look at them on a big screen. Before going into today’s tutorial about how to fix an overexposed photo in photoshop, we need to understand the issue.  Why are my photos overexposed? Overexposed

How To Flatten Layers In Photoshop?

If you are a photoshop expert then you might have heard about flattening layers in photoshop. If you ever wondered what it is and how to flatten layers in photoshop then read the article carefully.  Well, Photoshop layers are an incredible help while editing images. You may make as many layers as you like for