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Annual Meetup program at Clipping Path Graphics- 2019


Annual Meetup program at Clipping Path Graphics- 2019

We are the Family of Clipping Path Graphics. This is a renowned photo editing service provider company with having 30+ Designers. Our Team is so much strong to provide best quality service with quick effort. Recently we have arranged an Annual Meetup Program with our Team members and Admin Panel.

Actually, this program was arranged in Four-part. like-

  1. Group meeting
  2. Lunch Party
  3. Prize giving ceremony
  4. Refreshment activities


  1. Group meeting

First, the Group meeting helped. Here the Founder and CEO of Clipping Path Graphics– Mr. AB. Rahim Mia lancing the program by delivering his meaningful lecture. Also the Managing DirectorMiss. Umme Habiba Minu presented here. The whole program was maintained by the Business Development ManagerA.N.M. Sharifuzzaman (Shazzad Naim).

They talked about themselves to how can develop this company higher and the common problems of Designing works. The designers also express their problem and suggestion for growing this company position so high. At last, they enjoy the gossip with Clipping Path Graphics Family.



2. Lunch Party

After finishing the Group discussion CPG- Team has taken the lunch which is arranged by the CEO. For lunch party Company offered ” Hazi Briani” the renowned Food in our Dhaka City. Everyone enjoy this food much.





3. Prize giving ceremony

After taking lunch Company declared the prize giving ceremony for take the part of maintaining companies Rules, regularity, responsibility, punctuality & Time. Everyone is so much excited in this time to have an prize. Company give this prize in some specific category of responsibility like-

a) Best Responsible person for works

b) Best Time maintaining person

c) Best Punctuality Person

d) Best Regularity person.

Check out the photos for clear concept- >>>>












4.  Refreshment Activities

After finishing the prize giving ceremony all employees are enjoyed  a Football Match for their Hangout and Refreshment activities. This Match was held on the famous place in Dhaka called ” Purbachol City” across the 300 fits road side of Dhaka to Narayongonj. In this match there are two team of designer played. One Team is CEO maintained and the position Team is maintained by Production Manager. The Result of the match is 2-1. CEO Team has own the match and celebrate the wining moment with having fun and drinks.


So, this is the Annual meetup program of Clipping Path Graphics.

  • Photography:

Whole Program is captured by Great Photographer and Custom support Ex.- Mr. Farid Hossen 

Mr. Farid Hossen captured this images with DSLR 6D Mark II . He always take care about our official photography and photo editing with his expert hand and professional photography knowledge.







( The End)